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How to the freelancer to achieve success in work?

the Last several months I work at home as the non-staff employee. I want to share particles of the experience which is saved up at present. Consider, it is the list of my personal councils, not the management and not something else. But I hope that non-staff employees (or people who wish to become them) can find here a little really useful tips.

1). Observe the mode. Force themselves to fill up

at midnight and to rise at 8:00. At 9:00 you have to have the clear head and to be ready to begin to work. First of all, make your to - do the sheet in which list those things which need to be made for today.

2). Remove everything online - communicators.

People from the list of your contacts in ICQ and other means online - communication have no idea of your creative plans. They can distract you at the most inappropriate moment. Turn on ICQ only after performance of all work.

3). Be a realist, but not the optimist. Do not overestimate the forces and opportunities. If your client wants to know

, what is the time you will spend for his project - count the expenses, and increase the received figure by 1, 5 - 2 times. In - the first, the number of changes which will be required to be brought in your work is difficult to foretell (according to changes of basic data or the customer`s wishes). In - the second, many a swagger - major situations (for example, sudden shutdown of electricity) have property to happen then when you do not expect a dirty trick. It is better to work in a habitual rhythm, than to make mistakes from - for haste.

4). Do not work without advance payment.

of 25% of clients is not known what is wanted. For example, most of people want to get the website for many false reasons: because their competitors or because in some magazine wrote that to have the website - fashionably and actually have a website. The same concerns other branches: editions, graphic design and marketing. As a result - clients can crawfish at any time. If they pay a little money, it will be more difficult for them to refuse the ordered project. The advance payment from 25% of cost of the order is obligatory for each professional who respects himself.

5). Any terms. If you try to explain

to somebody unaware why they have to use MySQL instead of PHP, ASP, most likely, that they will understand nothing. Instead of technologies and methodology it is necessary to speak about advantages and results. It is what the client really wants to hear.

6). Be ready to loneliness. Work from the house is twice more difficult than

, than at office. Be ready to lose touch with friends and girlfriends, but know that sometime, anyway this loneliness will end.

7). Cancel smoking in operating time.

Smoking - bad habit. Smoking in your home office - accident.

Smoking does you sleepy, adds tension, and obscures your consciousness. As you wanted to smoke every time, allocate yourself a couple of minutes and depart from the computer to smoke a sigarette. Still it is possible to deliver himself the rule - not to smoke, one of work stages is not made yet.

8). Be ready to fail in communication with customers.

Freelance - a difficult thing. Fine self-organization, good abilities selling the services and boundless patience in communication with the client is required. Do not work for kopeks and do not work on Sundays. If your client does not want to pay the sum which you ask, you just stop considering him as the client - and all. But if many clients ask to lower the price - study quotations of competitors.

If the client calls you at night or on Sunday morning, with a request to fix a problem, tell it politely that he called back tomorrow morning. If they insist, tell that you cannot talk now and hang up. You cannot work 24 hours and 7 days a week! If they continue to insist, stop to work with the etoy client. The customer who wants that you worked 24/7 is not better than the boss.

Never give to clients your personal telephone number. Buy the second mobile phone for contacts with customers, and also make the second el. address only for clients . You call people, do not wait until they call you.

9). Plan. Organize the plans. the Full plan has to answer with

, at least, the following questions.

* What your skills? * What projects, products and services you can offer


* What of these products and services will give most of all money? * What skills you have no

, but would allow you to offer much more the best services?

* How many from your working hours you can devote in acquisition of these new skills?

* What your expenses and your sources of the income? Plan the budget within the next 6 months and try to update it every month.

you have to plan the failures and additional expenses proceeding from your experience. If you have no experience try to calculate by the following rules. 1) 20% of your projects will fail. 2) Add 30% to your expenses. 3) 80% of your ideas will never reach a mature stage of production.

10). Rationally use money.

Even if you have money, try to spend them for the necessary things. The new stereosystem - bad idea, the new computer - is better, a small advertizing campaign which will attract to you clients - the best option.

11). Have not a rest at the computer.

When time to have a rest came - switch off the computer and go, walk or you will eat.

Viewing of the useless websites or chatter with friends will not help you to become richer.

12). Organize the work.

you have 3 started projects, 6 - more - less ready to start and millions of other ideas?

Is a lot of software which can help you to make the list of your tasks.

13). Plan of emergency restoration.

A if your hard drive broke? What if your computer just stopped working? What if your Internet access stopped working? If you are not able to answer

any of above-mentioned questions, then stop reading and forget about freelance. The majority of problems occur when you least of all expect them.

* do not forget to make regularly backup copies of files necessary to you.

Excellent idea - to use the external hard drive and special programs for backup.

* Always have the spare computer. Find

the cheap computer and establish on it the necessary software. If the main computer breaks, you will be able easily to continue work on spare .

14). Care about health. your health is more important

, than your work. Purchase of the best, more convenient chair will be compensated by the number of work which you will be able to make in a day.

15). Improve the skills, be aware of actual events.

Try to develop the skills, for example - in the first half of day, and research - in the second half of day.

What in your work you can improve? If the commercial program necessary to you costs $100, but it is better and more convenient for you, than that which you use - buy the paid program and save on working hours.

16). Check the work.

Check the program code written by you, letters, advertizing slogans and texts - at least by means of special programs. There is nothing worse, than long search of a mistake and alteration of work from - for silly the typographical error passed from - for a carelessness.

17). Do SWOT - the analysis. Each three months do to

SWOT - the analysis (this term is deciphered as Strengths - forces; Weaknesses - weaknesses; Opportunities - opportunities; Threats - threats). Know strong and weaknesses.

18). Stop reading the articles The Best councils for freelance .

you, perhaps, spent a lot of time for search of articles, similar to this? Stop looking for councils once and for all - take the good reference book and adhere to its councils. You study on own experience.

You, probably, wonder whether I carry out everything from the aforesaid? No.

But I improve every day and I study on the mistakes, and it is remarkable experience. So, for what you wait? Forward! Make mistakes and you study as them. Who knows, perhaps, sometime, you will make your own list of advice to the freelancer too?