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How many freelancers in Russia earn?

Most of our fellow citizens are sure - to receive worthy money from freelance, in other words - from a side job implementation of non-repeat orders, in Russia it is impossible. Say, somewhere in foreign countries, maybe, there are also creators writing articles for burzhuinsky the press on napkins of bohemian cafes, - but not at us, in the severe Fatherland. The most ardent apologists of impossibility of worthy earnings by means of freelance are people, grown wise life experience... and a little familiar with the Internet. How many perhaps really to earn by freelance?

In the middle of 2006 a portal on freelance and distant work of Kadrof. ru conducted survey among users of the website which showed: really it is possible to earn up to $500 a month from freelance. More skilled and successful freelancers manage to receive also $1000, and it is even more. And such Stakhanovites it is not a lot of a little - a quarter of all participants of poll.

To visitors of the website Kadrof. ru the question was asked: How many you earn as the freelancer (in a month) ?

the Most popular version of the answer - to $100 (39,6% of respondents). From $100 to $200 earned from freelance 15%, from $200 to $500 - 20,7 of % (every fifth!) . At the same time every fourth interrogated freelancer received the sums from $500 to $1000 a month, and 13,4% from among these 25% - is more than $1000 monthly). More than one hundred people took part in poll.

It should be noted that in 2006 the average salary in Russia made 10 thousand rubles ($370), and for Moscow average level increased to $500. Now we will look at freelancers - every fourth earns from $500. (At least, for itself) - quite is enough for worthy life. A third of oproyeshenny freelancers reported the income from $200 that for regions makes quite decent income.

At the same time it is important to consider results of one more poll on Kadrof. ru - Main work or side job? . I quote: Results of survey conducted on Kadrof. ru, showed: for most of freelancers (70,5%) the telework is a side job, addition to continuous earnings Therefore it is possible to claim: the average freelancer lives better, than the average Russian. Also earn more those who are not engaged in freelance.

Fall of 2007 copywriter of the " company; Web content. ru Sergey Antropov conducted research of cost of services of copywriters (the freelancers creating texts to order). Research was conducted on the basis of quotations of the companies and freelancers specified on their websites. In calculation of statistics data of 33 firms and individuals were used.

As it appeared, the average cost of services of the copywriter - 536 rubles for the page of the text (1800 signs). In the companies rendering services of a copywriting, average to page cost - 665 rubles, at the private expert are 380 rubles.

the Cost of services of a copywriting differs by 8 times; but quotations of the most expensive companies and private experts are almost identical.

It is a lot of or a little? Company of Vebkontent. ru brings statistics from life of the average copywriter :

To eat in decent cafe [in Moscow], to the average copywriter it is necessary to write 900 - 1500 signs of the text. If he lives in the region - there will be enough 400 - 600 signs;

Journey by the subway in Moscow will manage in 60 signs;

gasoline Litre for -horse in 60 - 80 signs;

For purchase of the most popular foreign car in Russia Ford Focus in the most available modification - 625 pages of the text or 1. 125. 000 signs;

the Inexpensive one-room apartment in the Moscow new building will manage almost in 7. 500 pages of the text or 13. 500. 000 signs; it is simpler to

to buy in St. Petersburg - for 4700 pages or 8. 460. 000 symbols with gaps;

If is not, not to drink and write every day on 5. 000 signs of the text - to get the most available foreign car it will turn out in 225 days, and the apartment - in 1700 - 2700 days .

Summing up the result of researches, it is possible to declare: freelance as a way of earnings - quite actual and profitable occupation.

What forms of freelance exist and how to find orders to the beginning freelancer? Answers to these questions - in my following articles.]