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How to the freelancer to make the plan of works? You want to earn

on the car? How much is car? Let`s reject compromises at once - when you define the purpose, it can be done bravely. As in modern Russia there is a painful practice of unreasonably inflated prices, for purchase of the good car it is necessary to be guided by the minimum sum of equal $15 000.

Now we will determine terms: acquisition of elementary things, like the car, has to be fast, respectively - on all purpose it is impossible to take away over a year though it is better to put more short deadlines - 8 months (there will be more motivation to work). Except this sum you need also to cover monthly costs for housing and food, it is necessary to refuse idle expenditure. Let`s accept the size of monthly costs of equal $1 000.

As a result it turns out that in 8 months it is necessary to earn $23 000, respectively $ ?N? 2 875.

The purpose is defined, now we develop price policy of the services which will allow to achieve the objectives. It is rather difficult to receive every month one order for $2 875 therefore the task needs to be broken into several orders - define how many projects you will be able to execute. Let`s approve 4 projects as an average value, respectively, the budget of one project has to be not less than $718, and you have to receive / coordinate it TZ / to execute / hand over in 7 days.

Further define how many hours a week you can effectively work? For example, you decided to refuse holidays and days off (and actually - alcohol intake and senseless lying on a sofa in front of the TV) and resolved to work not less than 10 hours a day. Thus, you can work 70 hours a week. Now we divide $718 on 70 and we receive that you have to receive not less than $10 for hour of work. Today is a real rate in the RuNet which can be asked for performance of work at the professional level.

Better to understand the scheme of calculation of time expenditure, you can consider, as an example, the proportion of expenses of time for production provided below:

- Negotiations with the customer - 20%

- Realization of primary task - 30%

- execution Quality check - 20%

- work Acceptance / transfer - 10%

- Corrections / changes in the project - the Received indicator of 100% of time increase 20%

on 1. 5, thus, you get rather adequate penal of implementation of the project.

Work on each offer for your potential clients. It is often possible to hear reasonings on the inhuman competition in the sphere of freelance - so many experts, it is so much offers - how to be allocated? This mythical will not influence you if each of your applications is a cut above 90% of lump of offers. Therefore carefully study each application!]