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How to equip in the house the place for a cat?

to Get a cat - it does not mean simply to bring her home. You have to learn daily care of an animal. It can seem too difficult, however you should not worry. Care of a cat is based on common sense and does not take away a lot of time. As well as you, at the new family member have to have the property and personal belongings . About it the speech in our further articles will also go.

Where to put a basket?

cats have a surprising ability to find the warmest place in the house where it is possible to be curtailed in a ball and to doze. If you have a central heating, then the cat will probably choose a berth near a copper. If such place is not taken, is not on pass and there are no drafts, then it is the best of all to put a cat`s basket exactly there.

In cold weather can put in a basket a hot-water bottle (electric, acting as an electroblanket) that to a cat it was warmer. But have a hot-water bottle not in the center of a basket, and on one side. It will give to a cat the chance to choose temperature at discretion.

to the Cat time to sleep

the Cat can be carried on her place, but to it you will not order to sleep there all night long. The majority of cats are arranged to sleep in beds at people, and choose the family members close to them on to the social status . And even if you will hang out on all house of the plate with the inscription CATS LIVE HERE!!! all the same, as soon as time to sleep will come, the animal will settle at you on a bed. If you do not want to share the bed with this fluffy hot-water bottle, to accustom a cat it is possible to sleep separately. Rules of conduct need to be established and to support firmly while the animal is still young.

For a start before departing to a dream, carry a cat on her place, turn off the light and close a door. Do not forget to leave a toilet and a bowl with water in the place, available to an animal. First the kitten, most likely, will protest against it evictions perhaps, it is even very loud, but in a week - another he will master rules of a good form and will sleep peacefully in the bed at night.


and a cage for cats

Though the most part of time you allow a cat to go on all house, in certain cases you can be necessary to lock it in a zagonchik. On sale there are cages from metal or fiber glass of the most various sizes. If you are going to hold a cat no more one or two hours there, then you will suit a small wire zagonchik, but if the period conclusions will be long, more spacious cage where it is possible to put a bed, bowls, a cat`s toilet and toys will be required. The big cage also approaches to hold there kittens when there is no house anybody.

Metal zagonchik usually cover with plastic therefore it is also easy to wash them, as well as fiber glass products. After use the cage should be wiped with the rag moistened in solution of a nontoxical disinfectant. It is especially important if you held a sick cat there.

Use a cage usually in the following cases:

- the period after operation or during an illness;

- when leave a cat in nursery for overexposure;

- to isolate a cat from other animals;

- that could leave without supervision of little kittens;

- to dry up a cat after a bathtub by means of the hair dryer or a heater.

Why the open-air cage is necessary and what it has to be

If you have an ungelded male, then it, quite possibly, will difficult keep in the house. It will begin to mark the territory, and in the apartment the persistent unpleasant smell of urine will appear. If all of you want to keep the producer, then he needs to be provided with separate housing. He can build the open-air cage in a garden. Ideally the open-air cage has to have as it is possible the big sizes, in it there has to be a lodge where it is possible to hide, the place where the cat could be heated on the sun, special cat`s tree and various shelves.

The majority of open-air cages is under construction of the metal gauze on a wooden basis. It is necessary to cover with a grid open-air cage top that the cat could not get out. The lodge has to stand on a plain surface, the heater on a case of cold weather has to be built in it, and also there should not be drafts. In the same place has to be bed and bowls. Surely play with a cat when you bring him food, otherwise he will feel left.

It is the best of all that the part of a covering was firm (concrete), and the rest - a grass lawn. The cat will use part of a lawn for a toilet.

If you live in the district with intense traffic, then the open-air cage, even simplified and smaller by the size, it is expedient to construct for any cat.

Cat`s window leaf ( cat`s doors or cat`s manhole ) They are necessary to

only if you decided to provide to a cat freedom to come and leave when to it likes. These doors represent an opening with a window leaf in entrance doors of your house, rather big that the cat could pass freely to and fro. The plastic or rubber window leaf is attached to the opening which is accurately cut out at doors. Once having tried, your cat will be able to come or leave through a window leaf when to it takes in head.

There are several types of cat`s doors. But whatever you chose, they have to be located not higher than two inches from a floor that the cat could pass, but not jump through them. The window leaf can open in both parties, or in one, allowing a cat to come into the house, but without allowing to leave. On a window leaf also there has to be a lock not to let in undesirable visitors. If at your cat the techka began, then local males will apprehend cat`s doors as the invitation.

The only lack of cat`s doors - they create drafts. But it is possible to choose a window leaf with magnetic strips on the parties. They will hold doors densely closed until they are opened by a cat.

How to teach a cat to use a window leaf

Some bright cats learn to open a cat`s door absolutely independently, but others need some encouragement. At first open a window leaf, then record it in this situation and show to a cat, encouraging an animal to investigate it. If you put a little forage on other side, the cat will decide to pass through an opening, and you track that the window leaf unexpectedly did not break and did not frighten an animal. As soon as the cat passed, lower a window leaf and by means of a delicacy beckon an animal back, helping it to open a window leaf.

Good luck to you and your pets!