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What expects us in NIGHT?

the Ancient calendar Maya opens before us the plan of Creation according to which evolution of consciousness of our civilization began. On time as we perceive it, the plan began still for long before when there were religions, sciences, the language speech, mankind and the Universe observed by us in super telescopes. Nine levels of Creation coded in a calendar Maya have 13 periods of growth - 7 DAYS and 6 NIGHTS at each level of development of consciousness of mankind. The fifth DAY and the fifth NIGHT on each of levels of development is the most considerable moment that accelerates process of Creation in particular. We practically pass the last hours 5 - go DAY of Galactic level and we enter on November 19, 2007 in 5 - yu NIGHT.

Even if you know nothing about a calendar Maya and his coded information, nevertheless all of you heard a mention of it on television, on the Internet, in movies, magazines and other mass media. You could also hear:

Global warming

Terrorist threats

the Lack of fuel and the related crisis

the Pulling threats from asteroids and comets

the Reportings on possible collisions with the Planet of X (Nibira)

Coming a mega - accidents and destructions

Crisis of world economy

Alignment with the galactic center in 2012 and consequences of it.

We live in the ocean of information and everyone on a miscellaneous reacts to it. What to trust to and to what is not present? What is forged and what it is worth paying attention to? Mass media fill theories about a magnetic field of Earth and fast to change of its poles, constantly repeating as around earthquakes, with the whole package of forecasts that would have to occur in the next several years in exactly when a calendar Maya ends. The television in the last several months devotes directly whole transfers to reportings on catastrophic incidents that happened seldom earlier. Known Gistori chanet it is direct now released a series of programs under the name MEGA - disasters where there is a mention of a calendar Maya. SNN just began Anderson`s show Cooper under the name The Planet is in danger and even " channel; Weather it was connected to this business with the series of reportings under the name Destructive weather . Educated people establish the fact that we are expected by the impressive scenario of a doomsday. To whom to trust, and to whom is not present? Undoubtedly it is better to give preference to experts in this or that field of science.

As for a calendar Maiya, such my belief expert is the Swedish doctor of microbiology Karl Kolmen. For thirty years he made scientific experiments the proving harmful consequences of environmental pollution. In parallel he was fond of history of our civilization and archeology. It nazat eight years Maiya paid the attention to a calendar and could prove by means of the checked scientific data that it absolutely precisely gives the description of the plan of creation and evolution of consciousness of mankind for the last 16,4 billion years (since the beginning of the Big Bang as it is accepted in scientific community). I want to submit to your attention the table made by it containing the general description of the fact that we already passed in the real Galactic level of development and that we according to prophecies Maya should pass still.

On the fifth of January, 1999 the mankind was included into the period of the Galactic level of development of the consciousness according to the coding 9 - ti a-level pyramid Maya. It is the eighth of nine levels in which the consciousness of our civilization passes development during 13 - ti tun - 4680 days. Each Tong consists of 360 kin (days) and as was mentioned we above we will pass 7 DAYS and 6 NIGHTS.

DAY 1 - the Beginning of consciousness (5 January. 1999 - 30 Dec. 1999) - the period operated by energy of creation.

Revolution of information technologies, war of the West against the East (Iraq and Serbia), the first protests (in Seatle) against global materialistic force.

NIGHT 1 - Activization of consciousness (31 Dec. 1999 - 24 Dec. 2000) - the period operated by wind power.

The predicted default of information technology, the rest period after initial day of the Galactic level of development of consciousness of a civilization.

DAY 2 - Expansion of consciousness (25 Dec. 2000 - 19 Dec. 2001) - the period operated by energy of a rising sun.

The proceeding protests against global materialistic force, an act of terrorism against World Trade cent and the Pentagon, war of the West in Afghanistan.

NIGHT 2 - Reaction of consciousness (20 Dec. 2001 - 14 Dec. 2002) - the period operated by energy of dance.

Deep economic decline of world economy, renewal of domination of the West, intensive search of answers and decisions in knowledge of ancient cultures.

DAY 3 - Introduction of the truth (15 Dec. 2002 - 9 Dec. 2003) - the period operated by energy of water.

War of the West in Iraq, the amplifying movement of antiglobalists against the materialistic West, creation of the new directions of spiritual development,

to live relying on intuition, renewal to interest in a calendar Maya, spiritual healing.

NIGHT 3 - Application of the truth (10 Dec. 2003 - 3 Dec, 2004) - the period operated by energy of the moon.

The first transition of Venus (on June 8, 2004), the key moment for preparation of association in the fourth DAY.

DAY 4 - the New bases (4 Dec. 2004 - 28 noyab. 2005) - the period operated by energy of a rain.

The formulation of the principles the uniting East and the West, and also finding of the general between spirituality and rationalism.

NIGHT 4 - Application of the new bases (29 noyab. 2005 - 23 noyab. 2006) - the period operated by energy of ecstasy.

Distribution of the uniting contradiction of the principle of thinking and their synthesis.

DAY 5 - Break in consciousness (24 noyab. 2006 - 18 noyab. 2007) - the period operated by energy of fire.

Break of the new, more perfect uniting principles of thinking (manifestation of Galactic consciousness of Christ).

NIGHT 5 - Death of old consciousness (19 noyab. 2007 - 12 noyab. 2008) - the period operated by energy of transformation (death).

Deep crisis of global culture of materialism with the subsequent reactions of destruction, Armagendon - Europe and Germany in particular in the center of the drama.

DAY 6 - consciousness Resistance (13 noyab. 2008 - 7 noyab. 2009) - the period operated by energy of flowers (plant).

Revival of more perfect principles of thinking working for association and synthesis of contradictions, heavy coexistence of the East and West, new spirituality

on the one hand, and the remained old global materialistic force.

NIGHT 6 - Treatment of consciousness (8 noyab. 2009 - 2 noyab. 2010) - the period operated by energy of medicine.

The rest period before preparation and finding of balance between the East and the West, the Second harmonious convergence (on May 27, 2010),

experience of experience of the first wave of Space consciousness of love.

DAY 7 - Consideration (3 noyab. 2010 - 28 Oct. 2011) the period operated by energy of demonstration.

The balance between the East and the West was restored, the end of control of one over others, the beginning of the Universal level of development of consciousness of mankind (11 Feb. 2011),

disappearance of duality of thinking and development of Space consciousness of love.

Here in general that the mankind should pass on the way of development of the consciousness. Now we enter in 5 - yu NIGHT what and it would be desirable to tell several words in conclusion about. According to traditions of ancient Maya the fifth NIGHT is operated by the god of war and Death - Tezkatlipoka (Tezcatlipoca) which always aimed at the last and destructive attempt to return to the previous level of development of consciousness and corresponding to it rules of conduct. If you look at the coding 9 - ti a-level pyramid Maya without effort will see that that we should return to time of World War II, during new Hitler and Stalin, during the up-to-date mode and therefore Europe will be the center of the developed events.

V. Kan, 2007]