Rus Articles Journal

Not to be discouraged, the naval cadet.

Evening. Dark room. Light of the monitor lighting a half of a table and loneliness. Strange, a put ago I wanted to fight, prove to the whole world the case, and today there are no forces even to go outside. Does not getting thirsty and eat, watch movies, to walk and even to communicate with other people. In soul the offense on all and all crept in.

What freaks, I Yes it as I everything wanted to give



Ya was ready to a shower

Then silence, eyes bulk up and begin to roll tears, is unclear why, but is very a pity that you were not necessary, rejected, and you so tried, became wet in the rain standing at the subway with a scarlet rose waiting for the goddess as the peasant of a rain, I sat in the evenings and wrote verses and they were similar to cocktail from fragments of all poets of the world, but tried, developed Napoleonic plans for a raising of the rating in circles where communicates that when pronouncing a name of which pulse becomes frequent, re-read classics he not to look the idiot if on this will come the speech, and even learned to skate, if only . Weepingly escapes:

- I all the same love it?

- I will make everything to achieve it.

- I, I Yayayayayayayaya . yay

Then energy without vector dies away for a while, and begin to reflect.

- I is not necessary to it.

- It is another.

- We in general their different test are stuck together.

- Yes I still will find a heap same, Vaughan Svetka from the neighboring room, and makes eyes

- I in general am similar on Toma of Cruz .

- Everything is over. So tomorrow I will also tell.

you Call the friend: Ha the brother come we will look at fashion show of V &S, a new collection of underwear.

Beer. TV. Half-naked princesses on a podium show as beautiful women can look, and you begin to understand that all those girls on show in comparison with the most charming, and attractive nothing, just empty dolls, they as Bentley abruptly, expensively, pontovo, but only the wrapper untwisted public relations by department in them is not present soul, what love for, also anything else is just beautiful, remind wax fruit from biology lessons, appetizingly, but is not tasty. And heart begins to clench, the storm of unclear emotions and thought appears:

It nearby, and I do nothing yet? There are no credits read by the priest at your funeral ceremony yet there is a CHANCE. :)

of the END WILL not be]