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How to sleep in 3 hours?

Are known that there are people who to restore forces, need to have a sleep only 3 - 4 hours. Someone has this ability from the birth. But nevertheless the majority from such phenomena mercilessly operating the organism, very much early gets the mass of illnesses. At the same time there is a technique which allows not just to sleep a little, and to get enough sleep perfectly for a short time.

All of us got used to sleep for 7 - 8 hours. Woke up, looked at the watch, and if the gap between a release and rise makes less than 7 hours, annoyingly we state: Did not sleep . And if - means 9 or 10, have a rest nicely. Also we do not think of HOW slept.

That it is better: 10 hours to fidget on sheets, waking up apropos and without cause, or to sleep some hours, but to sleep in the deepest understanding of this word and to have dreams about cumulus clouds? From the point of view of saving of time the second option - is far more attractive. But here from a position of health, quality of rest we on a habit stop the choice on the long union with a bed. And in vain.

It appears, carrying out for the night some poses of a hatkh - yoga, it is possible to increase fairly depth leaving in a dream. Awakening will come by itself, without alarm clock, hour through three - four at most! Candidate of Biology Rinad Minvaleev characterizes yogovsky preparation for a dream as the main methods of fight against laziness: In case of the correct execution of these the practician a dream becomes deep and SHORT, and after awakening the strongest thirst of activity " joins;.

The first rule, probably, will bring into shock of all nutritionists and gastroenterologists. It appears, before going to bed it is necessary to eat not to jump at night for hunger. Then to air the room to lower the content of carbon dioxide in the inhaled air, and - the main thing - to wait until really pulls in a dream. Start up it it happens late. It does not matter. And as soon as pulled we carry out the following set of exercises.

1. A relaxation on a back - 0,5 - 1 min. To reach full relaxation, it is necessary to take smooth breaths and exhalations, imagining that the exhalation goes through toes, through an ankle, and so serially through each of parts of the body, through each body (to the top).

2. A rack on the head (sirshasan) - 3 min. Difficult pose. Many will be forced to replace it with a pose of a prayful worship.

3. A relaxation on a back - 0,5 - 1 min.

4. Pose of a cobra (bkhudzhangasan). Full cobra becomes so: we lay down on a stomach, we extend a body, we rest palms against a floor, by effort we cramp elbows behind the back, then we slide a chin on a floor and pripodymay the head. Further slowly we throw back the head so as if we want to touch by a tailbone chin, and only in the last turn we hang the head forward, as if straightening a look strengthening thereby load of kidneys.

But, carrying out this asana for preparation for a dream, it is not necessary to do the last movement (lowering and alignment of the head). We finish a pose with what is slow, with the increasing tension we bring the head back, withering with a look a ceiling - 1 - 2 min.

5. Viparitakarani - is wise. And in other words, birch . To Turn over from cobras in birch follows without relaxation, without rest and without any delays. The quicker it will be made, the result will be higher.

We will remember that birch happens, figuratively speaking, two types: 1) strictly vertical, with the podborodochny lock; 2) so-called children`s " version; in which vertical position of chest department of a backbone is not observed, so there are no podborodochny lock and impact on a thyroid gland. For correct falling asleep just this is necessary children`s option - 2 min.

Those who did not practice yoga before, and also avoided any other movements strengthening a cardiac muscle should be careful with a dosage. The correct bkhudzhangasana takes away many forces. If you after it still force yourselves to stay in to a birch 2 minutes, receive the loading equal I run on a distance in 1 km.

At those who have even no minimum level of physical training, such evening jog it is capable to cause terrible heartbeat. Therefore it is necessary to listen sensitively to the organism and to soberly estimate forces. But also not to be lazy. And, above all - to seek to carry out ordered PRECISELY. Then by means of yoga it is possible to achieve a miracle indeed.

Now when I want to get up a bit earlier, I do yogovsky training against tomorrow`s laziness. However, in order that to undertake it at this time of night, it is necessary by improbable effort of will to overcome laziness today`s. ]