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How not to go crazy, working at home?

of People, working at home, tend to spend at the computer more time and to work less effectively if it did not develop at itself(himself) a certain discipline. Best of all disciplines a type of other working person, but there are no times of such opportunity - it is necessary most to act as the internal supervisor.

Bob Parsons (Bob Parsons), the founder known a web - the GoDaddy resource. com, gives five advice to lone wolves :

1. Define borders of the workplace

Ideal option there will be an existence of a separate office for work - with a door which is locked. If there is no such opportunity - agree with house about working hours during which you cannot be disturbed. Existence of accurately limited working zone will help to concentrate easier and, respectively, to make the return transition from a working condition to house quicker.

2. Leave the house in the evenings

my friend, the owner popular business - the capterra catalog. com, told about how it began the business: We with the partner in business rented the house for two where we lived and worked. When my partner of the house also works, I feel obliged to work too. The same and with the partner - he cannot have a rest when I work. I slept 3 - 4 hours a day and practically all rest of the time worked. Not to go mad, I developed the rule - what would not happen, I have to do in the evening something outdoors . It began to play in volleyball three times a week in the evenings plus still something. Actually, on volleyball I also got acquainted with it.

Think up to yourself occupation for every evening. Play with friends in basketball or in preference, you go to English courses, register with the wife in a circle of Latin dances (even better if you are unmarried - guys there in great demand). And when last time you were in city museum of local lore? That is the same, and there too are interesting exhibitions. Make the life more interesting and nasyshchenny, it will positively affect also work.

3. Be in good shape

Is about sportswear. Large volumes of sedentary work do well to nobody. Exercise not only the mind, but also the body. At a successful deal it is possible to combine sports activities with point 2. If jogging or the pool not for you - hour foot walks rescue the father of the Russian democracy. The wife under the handle, the child in a carriage - and forward to reel up circles. It is important to make it the rule, routine that there was no desire to pass next physical. minute .

4. Do not do the same work twice

there are many techniques which allow or promise to teach you to work quicker and more effectively. I am not an adherent of any system because it is lazy by the nature. My rule is simple - if on performance of any piece of work it is required (to answer 2 - 3 minutes a non-registered letter, to correct an opuchatka itd), then it is necessary to do it at once. On writing down it somewhere, then anew to understand a problem and to make a mark about performance, more time will unambiguously leave. Switching of a context - terrible piece when it is not about the computer, and about a human brain.

5. Self-motivation the result of your persistent work will be swept up by

owing to the natural reasons (inertia of the market, search engines) not at once. Any business has rises and recessions. It is possible to run to be cried in case of the next recession in forums on bad behavior of Google, on an unsuccessful phase of the Moon - will always be such who has similar problems and who will be cried together with you. And it is possible just to remind himself that such process is natural and it is worth quietly continuing to work.

Good luck! ]