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What is a Rhesus factor - a factor and why the Rhesus factor - the conflict develops?

the Rhesus factor - a factor are the anti-gene which is contained in blood erythrocytes. For the first time this substance was revealed the Australian scientist Karl Landshteyner and the American scientific A.S. Winer in monkey blood macaques - a Rhesus factor the anti-gene is obliged to this animal by the name.

A Rhesus factor - the factor (protein) is on a surface of erythrocytes, red blood cells. Its existence or absence causes accessory them to a Rhesus factor - positive (about 85% of the population), or a Rhesus factor - negative group (10 - 15% of the population).

" blood; a Rhesus factor - positive and a Rhesus factor - negative people it is incompatible. At hit a Rhesus factor - a factor in " blood; a Rhesus factor - negative the person the anti-gene causes formation of antibodies that can lead to such serious condition as anaphylactic shock (one of the most terrible and difficult complications of a medicinal allergy which is coming to an end approximately in 10 - 20% of cases letalno).

It is necessary to be considered about a Rhesus factor - a factor to us only in two cases: at blood transfusion and at pregnancy. In the first case it is possible to avoid complications, transfusing everyone blood respectively both group, and a Rhesus factor - to a factor.

And here at pregnancy all are much more serious. However, the probability a Rhesus factor - the conflict during pregnancy arises in case future mother a Rhesus factor - is negative, and future father a Rhesus factor - is positive and the child inherits a Rhesus factor - a positive gene from the father.

the Reason a Rhesus factor - the conflict is incompatibility of blood of mother and a fruit on a Rhesus factor - to a factor. When a Rhesus factor - positive erythrocytes of the child get into a blood-groove a Rhesus factor - negative mother, her organism perceives fruit erythrocytes as alien and reacts to them development of antibodies. At the first pregnancy (sometimes and at the second) their concentration in blood is rather small and the germ develops, without testing adverse effects of these antibodies.

At the subsequent pregnancies everything is differently: concentration of antibodies more and more increases, at the expense of the small size they are capable to get freely through a placenta into a fruit blood-groove, their action is directed to elimination of erythrocytes of the kid. Red blood cells collapse, and at the child the hemolytic illness, anemia (anemia), and also hypostases, injury of a liver, heart and brain develops.

That similar complication did not happen, after the delivery and abortions a Rhesus factor - to negative women within 72 hours (it is desirable within the first two hours), surely enter special immunoglobulin which does not allow to make antibodies to a Rhesus factor - to an anti-gene. In case of extra-uterine pregnancy or abortion it is entered directly after the end of operation. At non-compliance with terms of introduction action of a preparation will be inefficient.

Unfortunately, immunoglobulin is effective only against a Rhesus factor - an anti-gene D and also other its types therefore there is no absolute guarantee from the immunological conflict meet.

If future mother was registered to 12 - y weeks of pregnancy, doctors find out whether there were no antibodies from the previous pregnancies in its organism. Repeated control is carried out on 25 - y and 36 - y to week. If antibodies are found, then direct the woman to consultation in the perinatal center where qualified specialists decide how messages pregnancy and childbirth are farther. Also all women at whom in the previous labor newborns had a hemolytic illness of any kind need consultation.

Future mothers, remember: it is always simpler to warn, than to treat. Therefore to planned of the first pregnancies take care of the kid - find out the and the spouse a Rhesus factor - accessories.

If husband and wife both negative means also risk any - the child will be born same. Happens that at a Rhesus factor - the positive husband there are both genes - and plus and minus . Then probability of the birth a Rhesus factor - the positive child at negative mothers - fifty on fifty. If the father - the carrier two a Rhesus factor - positive genes, the child always has a positive Rhesus factor - a factor and there is a probability of the immunological conflict with negative mother.

Health to you and your kid!