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How to train body language? to be pleasant to girls of

True skill is reached without efforts.

from some movie, about oriental martial arts.

Language of your body is what girls read out instantly.

on the basis of your language the girl`s bodies give you an assessment at once.

Language of your body this with what you can attract the girl before you began with it conversation.

Language of your body is that always considerably to girls and if you began to sing it tales of love, and at the same time you scratch the nose, it at once will understand that you lie.

operates body Language in the majority of time your subconsciousness (unconscious, extramental) therefore if you want to be really good temper, become such inside, become congruent and you will make positive impressions on girls, you will cause in them those feelings which they have, pronouncing the words Naturalness and Confidence This guy such assured, ah.... .

At acquaintance of the girl are in a passive position, they should not prove what they cool, they observe and notice what you , they notice a set of trifles in your language of a body, that female intuition is just observation which is by nature developed at girls very well. They read to

your language of a body unconsciously and then on the basis of the feelings, from your language bodies speak to you Yes or Is not present .

You can spin a complete nonsense during acquaintance, but if your language of a body is good, then and your game will be good, you will take from it phone.

There are several exercises, for training of your language of a body.

Exercise the first: The tsar

When you go where - nibud, always go on the center of the sidewalk, take the place in the center, go slow gait, and there is nobody do not meet the eyes, do not look at people at all, just quietly look in a distance, at trees, at houses, clouds. take out

of the Hand from pockets, extend them, relax fingers, extend also them, do not squeeze a hand in general, relax them. the Back hold

directly, the head too directly, try to see slightly above the look, than eslib you looked directly.

Mentally walk on the body, weaken those places in which you feel tension.

If you go by the subway, try to sit down on a bench in its center and on that which looks on station.

Hold hands it is weakened, as well as all the body, you are a god and the tsar, an alpha here, relax, admire passengers.

Exercise the second: Hands up

When you communicate with girls, try to show them the hands, always.

One of signs of lie is when the person at conversation hides the hands from the interlocutor. Do to

approaches to girls and at communication with them try it is weakened, to gesticulate slowly hands, several times during your communication try to raise a hand a palm to the girl against her face level:

Ah, and I here (a hand to her face) lived my acquaintance earlier, specify by it the direction.

Exercise the third: Prove to be the child

Come into the subway, sit down on a bench in the car and begin to consider the girl sitting opposite slowly, quietly consider her hips, a breast, look it in eyes and if she catches your eye, continue to look it in the face, the purpose of exercise to force it to turn away the first. Watch

at it quietly as though it already yours, consider her beautiful eyes, admire it, in your look there should not be a fear, in it there has to be a confidence, tranquility, force, and a samtsovost.

As soon as she will turn away, again quietly consider her legs, and a breast and again look it in eyes it. If she does not answer with

to you, does not look to you in the face any more, continue to consider her everything as soon as she looks at you, catch her eye again and force it to turn away again.

If you notice interest at the girl, approach and get acquainted with it.

If it rises and will leave, you won.

Is such game where you play with the fears.

Exercise the fourth: I am pleasant to you.

the Purpose of exercise to interest the girl in itself before began with it conversation.

the Scene of action public transport, to girls is no place to run here:-)

Saw the girl, act, look at her, let she will see that you consider it, by

make fine tuning under its pose, look with it at lips, then in eyes, at lips again, slowly turn away. If the girl begins to do to

some movements by hands, you in couple of seconds make the similar movement too, try to be adjusted on girl`s wave look at it, at her lips, in eyes, at a breast again, slowly turn away.

Turn to it look in eyes, do all this slowly that the girl did not think that you are afraid of it, repeat procedure.

Working so, you can create opinion at the girl that it to be pleasant to you, and you are self-assured, but you slightly - slightly hesitate of it and it will begin to give to you the Hidden Sexual Signals if it began to do it, then exercise is finished. Act with

right there, approach it and tell Hi, let`s be on friendly terms .

One more exercise: Bucks earn more and more money, and yours the confidence and a self-assessment will improve together with language of your body.

Train so every day, gradually your former language of a body, will give way new and the more you will train, the it will be easier for you to do all this, and once, your subconsciousness will accept your modern language of a body, by default and at you it will turn out such natural not to be realized, by itself.

Be in good mood - be an alpha and your language of a body will be good.

author: magistr_yoda bealpha. com]