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Seven reasons why it is worth accepting this offer:

1. Beginning of business. AGEL (Eydzhel) - the young and dynamic company of a new formation which began the activity in January, 2005 in the USA.

You sometime dreamed of chance to appear in due time in the right place? When are created hereditary " positions; - the distributor places allowing to receive huge checks every month during life? There is your chance!

" company; AGEL is a unique combination of the factors creating a magnificent opportunity for people who look for financial freedom and independence to appear at top of the huge organization of network marketing.

2. " company; AGEL has professional team of managers.

Glen Jensen and Craig Bradley gathered the strongest and professional team of managers which the beginning company of network marketing ever had. Actually, you can be sure that the corporate management team of Agel has big knowledge, skill and successful experience, than many long-term companies! This team serves you advanced protection preserving you against difficulties and pushing aside obstacles in a way to your success.

Winner of 2007!!!

The Agel Company is recognized as the winner of 2007 among the American businesses (Stevie Awards) in the nomination The Best Software of the Website in rivalry with other companies from almost all industries. More than 2,000 nominees, including Adobe, Delphi and Careerbuilders were considered. com, in more than 40 categories. Agel was also included into the list of finalists in the category The Best New Product The Best Website: General Design and The Best Executive Director (this award is awarded to the founder of the Agel company Glen Jensen).

www. stevieawards. com/pubs/awards/70_2100_13849. cfm www. stevieawards. com/pubs/awards/70_2100_13848. cfm

3. " company; AGEL has industry products WELLNESS .

10 of the MLM large companies advance products of health and cosmetics. People of the AGE WAVE, and they make 30% of the population of the globe, do not wish to be ill, grow old and die. That is why the companies selling products directed to strengthening of health will be the richest in the next 20 years. Product of the " company; AGEL - it is the new technology of gel suspension from berries, fruit and herbs which is not copying other products. It is new category, break in the industry WELLNESS .

4. " company; AGEL has the mechanism of entry into the countries.

Outstanding achievement of the AGEL Enterprises company is that it opened at the same time in 12 countries! Still any company in the history of network marketing did not open at the same time in the so many countries in the first month. This opportunity offers you extraordinary chance with a boundless financial potential. With AGEL you can build your business in the city or in the country, or in any open country worldwide. Or at once everywhere! It gives you advantage of the real enhancement of time - an opportunity to earn money even then when you sleep!

5. " company; AGEL has leaders - multimillionaires.

of B AGEL world-class such leaders as Randi Schroder, Eric Voore, Randi Gage came are multimillionaires of MLM. Presence of such people in the company tells about system of training, about quality of a product and reliable marketing - the plan. If all this coincides, that is an opportunity to earn big money. Once in life happens an opportunity to become very rich. Seize this opportunity together with the " company; AGEL

6. " company; AGEL has revolutionary marketing - the plan.

" Company; AGEL created really revolutionary marketing - the plan. We believe that this innovative marketing - the plan will bring the biggest checks in the history of network marketing. Marketing - the plan AGEL is not neither binary, nor matrix, nor step and marketing with a separation is absolutely new, fifth type marketing - the plan - the Quadra - the plan.

7. " company; AGEL has financial support. When you choose by

the company to which you would like to eat with the risk connected with investment support of this company. The risk is that the company can go bankrupt or develop too slowly.

AGEL has financial support of the well-known company - the billionaire Ashton Capital . This fact served as the important reason for many distributors to make the decision to join to AGEL . Ashton Capital never earlier financed the company of network marketing, but, thanks to discovery of revolutionary technology of suspenzirovanny gels, she agreed to become the financial investor AGEL having invested hundreds of millions dollars in its development.

Now you face an opportunity to change the life and your future depends only on you. You can use this chance and in 2 - 3 to reach financial independence.

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