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Panta of a maral? Invaluable gift of the nature

the Last decades in the world develops very difficult ecological situation. According to World Health Organization low-quality habitat provoked emergence of 60% of diseases! The situation is aggravated by numerous food with abundance of preservatives and other chemicals. The situation sharply dictates need of creation of new forms of improvement of people. Into the forefront in improvement of an organism of a vykhodyatbiologicheska active additives. An important role in it will be played by an antler maralovodstvo. Panta are the young people, the neogrowing stiff horns of a spotty deer covered with gentle skin and saturated with blood. Horns are a secondary sexual character and begin to grow in the period of the greatest sexual activity of antler deer in May - June.

During growth of a show off the organism of a maral makes up to 25 kg of a bone tissue. Such growth rates does not know any other animal. N. I. Suslov emphasizes: This state demands the considerable tension of all functional systems of an organism and, respectively, high concentration of substances of the regulating and protective nature .

For the first time about force consisting in a show off, Russians learned only at the end of the 18th century from Chinese. Cossacks with amazement observed how the Chinese soldiers bought pant of marals for big money. The first record of the recipe of drugs from cervine horns in China is dated 168 more BC. In ancient Chinese mythology spotty deer always accompany gods on their travel, and in general the deer symbolized a mascot of medical values. Over time in China both the number of texts, and the number of recipes of drugs from a deer show off increased. Many recipes from a show off reached up to now. Now in China about 76 types of tablets which part different cervine parts are are made.

In a pharmacopeia, parapharmaceutics, cosmetology in Russia at the beginning of the 21st century. pant, blood of a male, blood of a female and meat of an antler deer are allowed for use. More at us the well-known antler bathtubs are known. It is possible to take antler baths in Altai only in May - June when there comes the season of cut of a show off of a maral. Antler bathtubs had adherents who repeat procedure of times a year. If earlier for receiving a show off there was the unique way - murder of a maral - a rogach, then today the maral is a donor of pan-comrade. Cut of a show off - unpleasant procedure for marals. Maralovoda describe surprising tricks on which there are animals to avoid cut. This practice is humane in relation to an animal. At animals during cut 1,5 liters of blood undertake though the science allows a fence to 3 - 3,5 l. It is counted that, for example, the reindeer from stings of mosquitoes loses 1,5 - 2 liters of blood in one week. Panta and blood undertake at animals only once in a year. After cutting of a show off the animal is released. The next year pant grow again.

An indicator of medical efficiency of a show off is their price in the world market. Panta of the Altai maral many years were appreciated 1,5 - 2 times more expensively any other (New Zealand, American, Korean, Chinese) a show off 10 - 12 times more expensively than reindeer horns. In the international market of a show off there are serious conflicts when unfair sellers under the name of the Altai show off sell, for example, the Canadian or American raw materials. Koreans distinguish substitution at once: pant of the Altai maral yield the improving result which does not have analogs in the world.

In what the reason of such medical force? Superiority of a show off of the Altai maral is put at the genetic level. The Altai maral is an endemic, i.e. this species of a deer except Mountain Altai. Lives anywhere any more keeping of marals in park conditions is as close as possible to natural. The large role is played also by environmentally friendly habitat (mountain conditions, climate, food supply of curative mountain herbs and clear water). Popytka cultivations of marals in other regions led to quality falling pan-comrade

Popytka to inform to broad masses curative contents of a show off followed in 1932 when S. M. Pavlenko created " medicine; Pantokrin which is issued still. By means of spirit extraction from a tinned show off of a maral no more than 3% of useful substances were allocated. In 1955 K. Novikov developed and offered for the medical purposes a preparation from blood of antler deer - pantogematogen. Pantogematogen was successfully applied in many medical and scientifically - research establishments of Moscow at a number of diseases. In 1967 Yu. Dobryakov revealed that dry blood both from a show off, and from vessels of a body of a deer possesses identical biological activity.

Many researchers who were engaged in release of so-called biologically active agent were convinced over time that from - for rejection ballast the most part of valuable components is lost, and the emitted substance bears in itself only one, quite certain part of biological activity which cannot replace initial substance in general.

In wildlife all live substances communicate at contacts with each other. And very often one organism through information influences other organism. The scientist G. M. Markov in 1980 made fundamental discovery which essence that all objects of the nature from monocelled plants to the person (as an organism) talk in one language, understand each other through bioinformation codes. Unlike phytogenesis dietary supplements a source of a pantogematogen is the organism of a maral, warm-blooded animal. Therefore they on the origin are close to a human body.

Noting effective medical action of products of an antler maralovodstvo on the person, scientists for many years carefully studied biochemical structure of both show offs, and blood soiled. However on a question - that is the operating beginning in these products - the answer is not given yet. Unambiguously admits only that these preparations of subjects are more effective, than in them the primitive natural complex of substances is kept better.

The task of the producer consists in keeping and informing of this complex the consumer. Human skin and a gastrointestinal tract are an extractor, it is better than which still nothing is invented. The wise organism itself will take everything that it is necessary for it from correctly processed antler raw materials. In the course of production the antler raw materials are not divided into separate fractions, the natural complex of biologically active components remains completely. Doses of biologically active agents are defined by clinical trials.

Ideas of creation of concrete preparations from antler raw materials are born at association of experience of traditional medicine of China and other countries of Hugo - East Asia with clinical trials of modern Russian medicine and the European traditions of packing of ready preparations. The basic principles of the Chinese medicine are borrowed: to treat the patient before there comes the illness; to treat the patient, but not an illness; the purpose of treatment is elimination of a cause of illness, but not its manifestations.

Action of preparations on the basis of a show off of the Altai maral, is directed to awakening and inclusion of internal reserves of an organism, restoration of physiological functions, raising of the immune status. Increase of the general resilience of an organism to various diseases, the caused infections, unbalanced food, working conditions, stresses or ecological influences is result. Main thing: in creation of preparations the " technologies are applied; double action . In other words, preparations can be applied as in medical and kurortno - sanatorium system, and in house conditions.

The general herd of the Altai marals is in the long term capable to provide with antler production about 3 million buyers. It is one of rare renewable resources of an animal origin which true price still should be realized.]