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What do you know about soy sauce?

became fashionable soy consumption Recently. Still. Doctors claim that it is one of the products, most useful to our health. Especially for women, thanks to the content of phytoestrogen. Soy promotes lowering of the level of cholesterol and increase in bone weight. At so many useful effects it is no wonder that soy was strongly fixed on a kitchen table. Japan and China fight for the right to be considered as the homeland of soy sauce. Its emergence in Japan is proved about 2000 years ago, but it is unknown whether there was it before it in China.

If you buy soy sauce directly in China, then on a small bottle with sauce will see such inscription - Jiang you that oil sauce is literally translated as . All who at least once tried it, know what there at all and does not smell of oil, but a reasonable explanation why from antiquity took roots such name nobody to give not in forces.

Classical soy sauce is received as follows. The cleared and evaporated soybeans mix with the fried ground grains of wheat. The received mix is filled in with salty water and displayed on bags which suspend or just displayed under the sun. Naturally, after a while, soy begins to wander, emitting liquid - almost ready sauce. Taste of ready sauce depends on initial amount of wheat - the its more, the more with pleasure. So, sauce is ready. It was necessary to pass it via the filter and to pour. The ready-made product does not need preservatives and can be stored long enough.

Everything would seem simply, but there is one but. Under natural conditions process takes many months (over a year). Therefore enterprising producers found faster way - a fermentirovaniye method (boil down even in sulfuric and hydrochloric acid). Subsequently for their neutralization add alkali to a product. In this case receiving sauce takes no more than a month and as far as it is useful, judge. Therefore attentively read on packing what method received sauce (prefer natural fermentation). Qualitative sauce is realized only in glass bottles. So it keeps the taste and aroma better.

Dark sauce is longer matured and has more saturated taste. Light at the same time, most solen. It is better for beginners to begin with light. There are also versions shrimp, mushroom, garlick which add before fermentation. There is even a special soy sauce for ice cream.

Choosing, pay attention that sauce was transparent and without deposit. Even the most dark has to have a brownish shade.]