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Karl Lagerfeld is the kind wizard in dark glasses from Chanel?

its displays do not give rise to shock reactions. But they shock, bewitching public than violence of paints on a podium from Prada and the girl in burqas without underwear of Hussein Chalayan is not worse.

All its creations are simply beautiful as things in which the particle of talent and soul is put can be beautiful. Be in his hands a pencil or the camera - all to become the magic wand changing our life. Karl`s Father earned by

a fortune from sale of tinned milk, and mother, the hereditary aristocrat, imparted to the boy love to art. Exactly thanks to it he began to understand fashion. Karl as all children from noble families, was trained in playing a piano, but once mother slammed a cover of a grand piano and told: I Think, it is better for you to be engaged in the drawing . When the boy was 14 years old, parents sent him to study to Paris, the city which defined its destiny. There already 16 - summer Karl showed the fashionable sketches at one competition and won. Since then his bohemian, mad life full of chic and gloss began. Improbable working ability of Karl left nobody to


After great Coco Chanel Karl Lagerfeld`s death was the only person from those bright individualists working in the House which owners of brand chose as the chief stylist. Everything is covered in unique ability of Lagrefeld to support handwritings the famous fashion designers, at the same time adding the highlights to collections. From numerous applicants for a vacant position Karl was the only thing who could keep uniqueness of spirit of brand of Chanel and at the same time add modern strokes to clothes.

U it three passions in life - the photo, reading and creation of spirits are. Lagerfeld never trusts anybody shooting of commercials and does them exclusively. For it the photo is an opportunity to reflect reality such what it is: madly beautiful, bearing all range emotions of which the person is only capable.

Probably, influence of good education and education affected his second passion - books. He not only collects them, but also reads that a rarity for today`s computer century. Where it went, with himself Lagerfeld brings the book from each country. In its library there is everything: beginning Dostoyevsky and finishing with ancient books about art.

the Third passion - the composition of spirits. For me there is no bigger pleasure, than to collect aroma - a note to a note, creating these or those combinations and considering as a certain accent can be reflected in human feelings. I cannot separate creation of aroma from development of a collection: both that, and another - parts of a whole - Lagerfeld so spoke about the hobby. In its baggage there are delightful aromas of Parfumes Lagerfeld, JAKO, KL. Here really, the talented person is talented here all. Carle`s

lives for today, the past casts melancholy, is never sorry about anything, tries to think only of pleasant things. It always appears on public in black glasses which hide fatigue of eyes, at the same time giving to its image a mysterious look.

the Snow-white hair strewed with powder and fixed by a varnish black glasses, an invariable fan - all this makes impression that before you somebody who knows something like that that is not known by you. And this is true. This person knows how to turn the ordinary woman into the goddess. Everything occurs by means of an ordinary pencil which becomes a magic wand in the magician`s hands.]