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History of the search engine of Google

Google is a game with the word googol (gugol). Gugol is unit with hundred zero. In the Universe does not exist gugol something. So founders of Google wanted to let know that the purpose of the company - to create infinitely huge database for search.

The company was founded by two graduate students of Stendfordsky university: Larry Page (Larry Page) and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin (Sergey Brin). Their task a ball search of necessary information in a massive data set. By 1996 Larry and Sergey began cooperation on the search BackRub server which analyzed so-called back links (back links), i.e. the number of the references in the Internet conducting on this website.

To analyze their unique approach " a year later; back links got reputation among those who saw it in operation. The rumor about new technology of search was quickly spread on all Internet.

To the first half of 1998 Larry and Sergey continued to improve the technology. Pursuing the aim (to create the huge search database), they bought disks totaling terabyte (1024 gigabytes) and began to equip the first data center of Google in the hostel in Larry`s room.

By September, 1998, having collected investments for $1,000,000, Larry and Sergey registered as legal entity Google Inc. In a beta - versions of Google. com processed 10,000 requests a day. The PC magazine called Google one of 100 best web - the websites and search engines of 1998. Google became better known in the world.

For attraction of small business to advertizing on keywords of Google created AdWords. At the end of 2000 to give to users the chance of search from any point of the Network, Google entered Google Toolbar. This innovation allowed to look for through Google, without visiting its website.

Google Toolbar was very popular and since then was loaded by millions of users. As search abilities were increased, the financial condition of the company became more solid. By the beginning of the fourth quarter 2001 of Google declared self-sufficiency.

New trade offices were opened in Hamburg (Hamburg) and Tokyo (Tokyo) for satisfaction of the growing international interest in advertizing programs of Google. The interface of Google also developed, having given to users a search opportunity in 26 various languages. December, 2001 also brought other news: the index of Google reached 3 - x billions of documents, available to search.

In mass media Sergej Brin`s phrase is often quoted: Some say that Google is God. Others - that it is a Satan. But if that and others think that Google is too influential, then let they will remember that search engines are divided by the only click of a mouse. People come to Google because they choose it. We do not force them .

the Purpose of the company still remains invariable: to make available all information in the world.]