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Men`s Skirts?

the Men`s skirt - a nonsense. Even if to tell the man in a " skirt; nobody will believe. It is already put in consciousness that it is about mannish or immoderately to the business lady. And here that the real man put on a skirt - it is not present. And so was not always. More precisely even to tell, always was not so. The strongest of clothes taboos exists only the last two - three centuries that in space scale a trifle. And before both Greeks, and Romans, and Celts, and Vikings, and the French aristocrats with pleasure carried not doubled clothes. And why, as a matter of fact, is not present!?

I not only subjects the skirt is good what you thought of. The skirt not only a legkozadirayema - it is also a mnogofunktsionalna. And man`s, by the way, under the name a kilt. The real kilt consists of a huge piece of woolen fabric which not only is intended for an elegant wrapping around courageous hips, but also serves as a blanket, a plaid, a cape and everything, anything, to the owner of these hips. Trousers too on something suit - for example, for riding. For what, actually, Alexander of Macedon estimated this type of clothes and dressed in trousers of soldiers. The course is courageous because before almost all Greek population managed tunics, togas and tunics, without being worn out excess seams and fasteners.

However, by the beginning of the 20th century of a role sorted: the strict trouser image, for female - " was assigned to a male; womanly in a skirt. Also everything should settle down - as it was required to break all, naturally. There came the next war, and after it emancipation. And this war was won, strangely enough, by women! Because they managed to win the right for trousers. And the little men daring to carry kilts unite in Bravehearts association. Because it and the truth it is necessary to be what man of courage to open to the world hairy legs and to go for work. To fondly believe what put here only in the seeming discomfort. And women fought for trousers to show: any we not weak floor. Also proved. Rather strong. In fashion still dresses and flowers, and if jeans - that in covering.

But the Scottish fashion designer Edward Duncan could not smritsya with loss. It began fight for that men around the world wore the Scottish short skirts. Let`s leave trousers to women, - Duncan declares. - The skirt was thought up by men, and the skirt in any relation is better .

Is obvious, Edward Duncan`s appeal was heard as in France, in Germany and in the USA there were fashion designers projecting skirts for men not only in Scottish, but also in other styles. In France it is Jean - Paul Gaultier, in Germany - Friedrich von Ass, in the USA - Julia Morton.

Unfortunately, ours: Vyacheslav Zaytsev and Valentin Yudashkin remained deafs to appeals of the Scottish colleagues.

But if it is unknown whether mister Zaytsev will create skirts for men, then it is for certain known that in Luhansk, in the small Ukrainian regional center, there lives the fashion artist who models skirts for men, since 1975

of What men so are afraid? Really and truth of women? Here in India, for example, nobody is afraid of women - they stay at home more and more there. And men walk up and down to themselves peacocks both in wide trousers, and in dresses, and with earrings in ears meanwhile.]