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what for water we drink?

Tap water is familiar to us since the childhood. More precisely, even since earlier period: we faced it, still being in mother`s womb. We drink water from a water supply system all life, but at the same time we do not even know what contains in it?! Let`s reflect, however.

For example, one liter of city water contains about 20-25 mg of nitrates. Now we will increase this figure by 2-3 liters a day and 365 days in a year. It turns out: annually we drink about 20 grams of nitrates, it is not less in any way. That is in 40 years of the life (we will take average age of the person) we manage to absorb nearly a kilogram only of one nitrates. And how many still is nitrites, chlorides, fluorides, sulfates, metals, chlorine, pesticides and other, to them nest numbers...

However whether means it that everything is awful? Each of us long time of saws (or even still drinks) water from under the crane, only subjecting it to boiling. And anything. Really, it is not deadly. Even if not to boil tap water, most likely, nothing terrible happens. In most cases. And only for the time being.

Chlorine is tasty and fast

Tap water is chlorinated at municipal stations of water purification. Thanks to it we have no typhus, cholera and dysentery. Chlorine is entered in quite sensitive concentration and almost instantly kills bacteria - the most ruthless image. But at a medal, it appears, there is a reverse side. Connecting to organic substances (and they cannot be removed completely from water on treatment facilities), chlorine forms so-called trigalometana. Their list very long and unreadable, but all heard, for example, about chloroform. And so, most likely, trigalometana cause cancer.

Researches of the American scientists led by doctor Robert show a stable relation between the use of the chlorinated water and risk of oncological diseases of internals. Namely, the probability of a disease of cancer among people who in the last 40 years drank tap water is 70 percent higher, than among those who drank water without chlorine. And more accurate communication between risk of a disease and the use of the chlorinated water is traced at non-smoking patients. That is long influence of chlorine causes effect, similar to smoking. This area is for the present poorly studied, and nobody undertakes to describe mechanisms which chlorine influences a human body. But communication between cancer diseases and the long use of tap water is available.

Further, not all chlorine connects in water to organic substances, its certain quantity is present at a free look. Of course, over time - in several hours after introduction at municipal station - free chlorine from water disappears, but its some part manages to get into a digestive tract of the person and to continue disinfection there. In an organism deficiency of useful bacteria results that not only causes intestinal frustration, but also reduces immunity. In a word, chlorine is very useful, but not for drink. However, most likely in the next several centuries no alternative to chlorine in the cities is expected: other sterilizers - ozone and ultra-violet radiation of water - are terribly expensive.

Friends, let`s recognize soberly: presently 25 years - fairly old age Having been fond of

of chlorine, we, however, still did not begin to speak about industrial pollution yet. This problem is actual around the world, and our country not an exception. Maybe even at us it is particularly acute even more as questions of environmental protection for the present disturb administration of many domestic ecologically dirty enterprises a little.

Chrome, nickel, mercury, lead, iron, sodium, sulfates, asbestos, arsenic, copper, pesticides and herbicides, radionuclides - here not the complete list of industrial pollution which can contain in tap water (naturally, as a rule, not at the same time). Even small concentration of these substances are unhealthy if they collect for years, decades. For reference it is enumerable some diseases which are provoked by it impurity. All this same cancer of internals, and also diseases of a nervous and gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, anemia, bronchitis, leukemia, metmoglobinemiya, Wilson`s illness.

The part of industrial pollution remains in a subsoil of city treatment facilities, and the part gets to water and then forever settles in a human body. For example, it is found that at all citizens 25 years in bones are more senior there is an industrial cadmium. From where? Riddle. Why children do not have it and youth? It is probable because young organisms were not tired to fight against it yet. But over time strengths of the person run low, including those which are necessary for cadmium utilization.

However, it would be unfair to abuse stations of water purification - for example, Mosvodokanal - as they do the best of what can be made. By the way, daily water analyses in Moscow show that its quality quite satisfactory. However, it does not mean at all that you are impregnable. It is impossible to call just public standards rather strict. Though domestic sanitary standards are not worse at all, than Western European, Japanese or American. In some parameters they even more rigid. But you need to understand that the state cannot solve all your problems. Thanks to it already for the fact that at us from the crane water not worse, than in London, Paris or New York flows.

However, it is necessary to mention also that in many Russian provinces quality of tap water is lower, than in Moscow. Nevertheless, if to consider the size of budgets of municipal stations and volume of industrial pollution which annually, daily, hourly are thrown out the rivers and the water-bearing horizons then we need only to take off hats before employees of city water utilities.

Circulation of nails in the nature

But do not think that on it pollution of tap water came to the end. While water runs on pipes from city station to the consumer, she manages to pick up a lot what. It is very easy to see all this disgrace - at once after repair and on pleasure to citizens again " came to the end; gave " water;. All of us know what brown color streams flow the first minutes.

We will list that can be in pipes. It is a rust, sand, silt and many of substances with which we already got acquainted several paragraphs above. How they get there? As a result of various economic activity, and also during repairs which at us happen very often. And not only substances, but also the whole bodies can visit you. If to the apartment on pipes comes running to you... nailing a piece, be not surprised: it only means that it somewhere and someone not so was thrown out long ago as superfluous. Yes, circulation in the nature is undergone not only by water.

So, even during very good work of city stations water demands obligatory tertiary treatment before the use. This inexpensive, but exclusively useful business. Each of us can and has to clear those 2-3 liters of water which drinks daily. Municipal services are not able to process so well really huge volume of water which lion`s share, by the way, is used by us at all not for drink. The person is more senior, the more difficult him to an organism to fight against harmful impurity. Perhaps, it will be your best purchase or a gift for many years.]