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What is the blog and as its messages? Professional advice. More and more people create

own it is a line diaries to share with others Internet surfers the supervision or problems. And in working hours!

is Helped by it or prevents career? How to turn the blog into the favorable enterprise? How to make the diary popular? These and other questions are answered by the expert from France on creation, development and promotion of blogs Pyerrik Dyutua.

- Pyerrik, tell please what people most often write about? Whether there is full freedom of speech in network diaries?

- People write about everything: cookery, sport, own stories from life or describe the imagined situations - what want to share. It can be their hobby, life, movies … If you have something what you want to tell about, but there is no opportunity to dispatch mails on to the whole world, then get the blog!

Of course, is full freedom of speech. If you respect the law and do not try to employ terrorists, do not justify racism or do not oppose other religions - then you can speak fluently.

- And whether there are some rules on maintaining network diaries: public contracts or the Internet - laws?

- Yes, of course, a certain etiquette on the Internet in general and in blogs in particular exists. First of all, always mention and give references to sources of your information. It is impossible just to copy it (otherwise you violate copyright and you risk to win to yourself many enemies). Always respect other bloggers. Everyone has the right to express itself(himself) so do not try to shout at each other only to recover discussion. Always listen to opinion of the people leaving comments on your records. Also show that you consider them. Let people know that you are open for communication. Do not forget that once your blog will become very popular, and it in many respects thanks to your readers!

- I heard that blogs sometimes can not just please with news of friends of the owner, but also make for it considerable profit. Whether so it?

- Yes, it is the truth. Some bloggers in the USA and Europe by means of the diaries earn money. Also there are some professional blogs . For example, blog of the « company; Gawker media group has own business - model. Besides you can be the good writer, and some publishers can suggest you to publish the book. Sometimes it happens, even the special award for the book written on blog materials is founded. But business - the » model; blogs it is still very difficult to catch - everything depends on people, but not cars or mathematical calculations. So you can earn millions of dollars for your blog, but - what is more valuable - you can meet millions of new and interesting people.

- Open a secret how to the user to attract readers on the blog and to make it popular?

- only one rule Is: to tell the truth! Be honest! If you are false, steal content from others, tell silly things, will be to nobody to you business. Blogs are thought up to reduce a distance between people, to allow all to show what they are capable of. The blog can become popular because you have, for example, the most creative approach to cookery or because you very well write and your stories is actually fascinating. Perhaps, you know a lot of interesting about business, books, life, and people like to read your notes as morning papers. There are many ways to attract people. Also there is a lot of as there are a lot of subjects for conversation or people in the world.

- Pyerrik whether you can give some forecasts of development of blogs in our country? As you think, maybe, in Russia, as well as in Europe it will be as inconvenient not to have the blog soon how not to have own business card? - it is possible

. Blogs are already very popular in Russia (look how many users at Live journal). Only in Russia the Internet is still not really widely developed. I think that at Russians, and also all who speak Russian, the huge potential for blogs. Only one research of Yandex shows that the blogosphere very actively develops in Russia. Here only the good, simple and convenient system is necessary in order that everyone could create the blog.

- It is not dangerous, to have the blog? Suddenly somebody will read and will take offense? Or recognizes you under a pseudonym and respectively, some details of your private life which did not want to be advertized?

- it is dangerous to strong to do silly things. The blog such is what you create it. You can use a pseudonym and write about the invented country, just for entertainment. Or you can tell everything about the life. You have in hands car keys which you will lead where and as want. Yes, of course, if you describe the life, even under a pseudonym, people can recognize you by style, by events, then someone can take offense, you could be rough or sharp in relation to them. But you can make happy someone. Everything depends on your purposes and wisdom. But I think that if you are rather clever, you can well konspirirovatsya and then you will make all a little happier.

- As you think, blogs as - nibud affect private life or work of people? Promote creative development of the personality?

- I will tell that for many people the blogs - it is a peculiar therapy, a way to express the life on the other hand, than they do it at work. I was surprised when I learned how many people refused visit of psychotherapists after they received opportunity to express the emotions in blogs. Writing - it is a peculiar therapy, and the publication of the blogs - it is an opportunity to receive a comment from anyone. Many people became known thanks to the to political surveys, jokes interesting to stories … Yes, it promotes creative development of the personality.

- Most of people have blogs straight from the workplace. How you consider whether work suffers from it?

- It is hard to say! And, in your opinion, work suffers from use of the Internet or ICQ? I think that today, with the advent of the Internet, borders between work and the house are erased. Sometimes you can be at home, come into the mailbox, read working mail, respond to letters. Sometimes on service you order flowers for the wife. But of course, if 4 hours in succession you spend for having the blog, then of course, work will not be performed. But I am sure that if you love the business, then you will not spend 4 hours to keep the diary.

That good is in the blogs - so is that nobody forces it to conduct, you just follow own rules.