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How to be protected from mobile radiation of the favourite?

Phones. I will not repeat that presently they lost the direct appointment etc. I will tell one - they everywhere and everywhere. Only in the USA people have 208 MILLION cell phones, worldwide them there are already 1,9 BILLION.

I think, each of us who has available darling sotochka sometime frightened her by brutal radiation. Of course, there is no wish to trust in it, and nevertheless, these horror stories about disappearing from - for phone ears, there was too much. But if joking apart, then experts are already afraid that excessive use of » phone; can lead to crisis of health on a global scale. Doctor George Carlo, the former head 28 - the million research project, predicts 500 thousand new cases of cancer of the brain and eyes caused by use of cell phones, by 2010 annually (now it is 30 - 50 thousand cases a year).

Results of these researches connect radiation of the cell phone and a problem with health, such as headache, high pressure, brain tumors, Alzheimer`s disease, cancer and others. Exists latent (in Russian: hidden when the illness begins not at once, and, so to speak, gets accustomed) the period for the majority of diseases - it can reach several years, - which is not considered by many researches of cellular.

Exists several councils how to minimize negative influence of cell phones:

- Limit time of important calls and you speak always shortly, first of all it concerns us - girls of any age! Even two-minute conversation changes natural electric activity of a brain. Its influence lasts to an hour after you hung up tube.

- Children have to use the cell phone to destination, but not for listening of music and other opportunities of the mobile phone, it is possible to call them only in case of the emergency need. As bones of a skull are still formed, radiation can get more deeply.

- Use a wireless font (surely wireless). The matter is that the wire font strengthens impact of radiation on the ear channel. The wire from a font not only transfers the radiation of the most cell phone, but also serves as the antenna for electromagnetic fields from the outside.

- do not put phone in a pocket and you do not carry it on a belt until it is included. Fabrics of the lower part of a human body carry not bad out current and quicker acquire radiation doses, than than head fabrics. The Opinion that such radiation influences a spermatogenesis, was not confirmed, but intestinal microflora can be ruined easily!

- If you use phone without font, then wait until connection happens before bringing a tube to an ear.

- do not use phone in the close rooms sheathed by metal, such as cars and elevators. The metal cover will reflect phone radiation on the people who are inside.

- you do not call

if honor an indicator of force of a signal on zero (one strip or less). In this case it is necessary phone stronger to strain that is to irradiate you with the electromagnetic field stronger.

- Buy phone with low SAR. At the majority of phones this level is specified in the instruction. SAR is the coefficient showing amount of the energy absorbed by biological matter. Is shorter, the it is less, the better. But do not think that the low SAR level of your device will protect you from all electromagnetic misfortunes - the last researches in this area show that even at absorption of radio-frequency energy in hundreds of times smaller, than present standards, still is a risk of serious biological effects.

- Use the devices of protection against electromagnetic radiations approved by scientists. High technologies available today strengthen your biopower field and immune system and do them steadier. Problems from - for radiation arise only when the cumulative effect of continuous stay in electromagnetic fields weakens a body and immune system. Even when you do not use the cell phone, radiation from other electric devices serves as the reason of a biological stress so means of protection become more and more necessary (for example, special covers).

- Accept food additives, especially antioxidants. Microwave radiation lowers amount of antioxidants in an organism. These substances are made by a body for protection against harmful effects from the outside, and by their quantity it is possible to judge a stress, aging and infections. Can be other useful additives:

1) melatonin: the strong antioxidant preventing ruptures of DNA - chains in cells of a brain

2) zinc: protects eyes from oksiditivny damages and helps to keep enough antioxidants in

3 blood) gingko biloba: the plant which is considered as good antioxidant protects from harmful effects of an eye, a brain and kidneys.

the list Offered above - at all not panacea from mobile radiation, but with its help you will be able to protect more yourself and the family.

All to you kind, and phone including!