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All down scarfs are identical? 6 degrees of quality!

All down products have a certain gradation of quality:

1) products of the highest quality are scarfs of exhibition and museum level with unique patterns from the best skilled workers of the Orenburg region. There are skilled workers whose name very famous, - for example, Yakupova, Fedorov, Dmitrachkov. Their products already initially can be considered as a work of art. Works of this sort are usually bought by the people knowing, experts in own way - however, there are also exceptions of this rule when an opportunity to buy products of such level appears at each Russian.

2) products of the superior quality - are made of classical Orenburg down by zheltinsky knitters. The village Yellow - the informal capital of the Orenburg pukhovyazaniye. Begin to knit from five-year age here and it is no wonder that women reach phenomenal possession of this trade. At exhibitions zheltinets get steadily most part of awards. Such achievements are caused not only skill of knitters, but also excellent raw materials - scarfs match only from the real Orenburg goat down - that that brought popularity to the Orenburg down scarf one and a half centuries ago. Zheltinsky works in Orenburg practically do not meet, however besides there are exceptions when it is possible to make a purchase even on the Internet: in particular on Palantin. ru are almost always available works of the family of Bakiyev which moved to Orenburg from the well-known village.

3) quality products - all qualitatively connected handiwork. Here the choice is rather broad - in the Orenburg region well knit almost in all areas.

4) products of average quality - the best of factory products. Here it is possible to carry palatines, spider lines, and also scarfs of the highest price category. All palatines and part of spider lines pass through a ring that is reached due to hard spinning. Other advantage are interesting patterns of products.

5) " level products; a little lower than an average - factory scarfs (these products not pushatsya). However, perhaps we are too spoiled by quality products, from - for what so low we estimate factory works. Sometimes nearly remarkable responses from non-residents come to the cheapest factory scarf. Naturally, daily facing down products, will - bondage you become choosy. But it is necessary to pay for quality therefore the choice of products of this level can be also quite justified.

6) scarfs of the lowest quality are the combed-out scarfs, initially soft to the touch and rather beautiful (the down hangs down from a product), but they serve sometimes only a few months. Such scarfs generally are on sale at the Orenburg station and a market, and also in other cities under a label Orenburg scarf . Here such products spoil image to Orenburg. The worst situation, strangely enough, outside Russia - is suspicions that there are productions which, stamping low-quality production, paste the Orenburg label though even the plant can far be located outside Orenburg. Employees of Palantin. ru and Orenblog. ru boycott production of this level of quality.

Independently to this classification there are shawls with an embroidery. Language does not turn to call them products of average quality . These are really unique products.