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Why skin on a neck grows old first of all?

Appear, the hypodermic muscle of a neck located in front works, only when we highly raise the head. In other poses she stays idle. Still neck skin, as well as skin a century, is almost absolutely deprived of fatty glands and demands careful leaving.

Small retreat.

When Grigory Alexandrov shot the movie Starling and lira for a leading role 30 - the summer beauty it, as usual, took the wife - brilliant Lyubov Orlova. To it 70 already knocked on that time.

the Make-up artist was the expert. When Alexandrov entered an artistic make-up room, the young woman what Orlova was during a time of their first meeting looked at him. But having got accustomed more attentively, the director understood that miracles do not happen even at cinema. The age of the actress was given by a neck.

In the movie Orlova everything is removed. However, in love episodes with the young partner it was replaced by the doubler, and on close ups covered a neck a high collar of a shirt, a lilac branch...

So, the neck first of all becomes covered by wrinkles, gets out of flexibility, a shape, healthy color, acquires the unlimited number of chins.

To prevent aging of a neck.

* You do not sleep on a high pillow. Get small and flat, and it is better - the anatomic, precisely repeating contours neck.

* do not bow low during the sewing and needlework.

* Not you drive a nose on lines during the reading and the letter.

* you do not watch TV also do not read lying.

* you do not go as if here - here you will ram someone - move freely, with highly raised head.

* Washing, do not forget to rinse a neck with cool water or herbs decoctions: camomiles, lime color, mint, birch kidneys, sage.

* Taking a shower, direct a strong stream of room temperature to a neck. After washing apply cream, execute easy percussions in a chin the brush back.

* 2 - 3 times a week, but only is regular, wipe a neck with vegetable oil (better olive). Then slightly moisten a handful of salt and roundabouts from a chin to a clavicle pound a neck before easy reddening. And now - a hot compress! Moisten a napkin in the milk half diluted with hot water and several times apply to a neck. At last, rinse a neck with cold water, grease with cream.

In avoidance of extension of skin in vrema of cosmetic procedures, you remember that nutritious cream, oil it is necessary to apply, considering the directions of muscles of a neck: on sredny part of a neck - from below up, on lateral surfaces - from top to down.

Emergence of a double chin depresses? At least 5 minutes a day you go with the thick book on the head. Regularly carry out the following exercise. Take a terry towel, moisten it in solution of table salt (for giving of additional rigidity), twist a towel a plait. Bring a plait under a chin and sharply pull its ends in the parties. The middle of a towel will strongly hit you on a chin. Carry out by the same way podkhlestyvaniye of lateral and average surfaces of a neck. It is necessary to carry out this exercise on 5 - 7 minutes daily or for 15 minutes every other day: the tightened and elastic neck will be result.

And the last. Present that you have a nose - pencil . Sitting write out to them figure from 0 to 9 and back. This lovely exercise, in addition, well trains a vestibular mechanism.

Lovely women, do not think that the ugly neck can just be hidden behind a deaf collar or locks of a flowing hair. Man`s views all the same will find a look and will estimate your neck. And here is how will estimate?]