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How to prolong the life by means of bioflavonoids? Many know

(or heard), antioxidants. And bioflavonoids as the word, not to much he is familiar. Meanwhile, bioflavonoids are natural chemical compounds which are guarantors of long and healthy life of cages, so, prolong our life.

As also antioxidants - opponents of free radicals, bioflavonoids neutralize free radicals too. But in fight with free radicals many antioxidants sustain damage and become dangerous. Bioflavonoids help them to repair .

Flavonoids chemically are also structurally close to steroid and tiroidny hormones. They regulate effect of enzymes, including digestive.

Studying of flavonoids - business long, but it does not prevent to use the received results already today. Begin with small: include in the daily menu at least of 4 products , rich with bioflavonoids: bilberry, onions, garlic and green tea.


it Turns out b that as regards antioxidants this berry - the real superspy of flora.

In the " magazine; Health I read that, scientists conducted research. They daily within 8 weeks fed with extract of bilberry of rats. Rats were nineteen-monthly (such old men) that is analog about 60 - 65 - summer age of the person. During this time they lived till 70 - 75 human years. But only the control group (animals who did not receive any additives) grew old. The rats receiving additives of spinach or wild strawberry, vitamin E remained slightly better. And the rats receiving bilberry did not grow old in general. Besides, by results of tests for reaction, coordination and ingenuity, they considerably looked younger.

the Miracle made antotsiana. These are powerful antioxidants, is about 50 times stronger than vitamin C. They are especially important for strengthening of capillaries: at shortage of antotsian bruises are easily formed, varicosity develops, sight and work of a brain worsens. Many researches confirmed advantage of antotsian in general and bilberries in particular for sight. In combination with antotsiana vitamin E at least stopped development of short-sightedness, and in many cases turned back. Bilberry helps to lower blood sugar. It concerns not only diabetics: over the years the content of glucose in blood increases at most of people.

to receive all this advantage, scientists advise to eat in day of all half-glass of bilberry - fresh or frozen. More - it is better. And for fixing of effect will not damage a half-glass of red wine.

Are also rich with Antotsianami: raspberry and wild strawberry, cherry and plum, red cabbage and black grapes, beet and peel of eggplants.


Kvertsetin - the most powerful antioxidant among bioflavonoids. First of all it is known thanks to the anti-cancer properties. Besides, kvertsetin it is irreplaceable for having an allergy and various inflammations. It also protects cholesterol from oxidation, preventing formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Both effects are important for prevention and treatment warmly - vascular diseases.

the Best supplier of a kvertsetin - usual onions. It is enough one bulb considerably to increase the level of a kvertsetin in an organism at several o`clock. The problem is that prevention of serious diseases of a kvertsetin requires much. Several bulbs plus several apples in day - norm for those who want to be influenced by their salutary action.

A for those who not really love apples and onions one more opening is. Bioflavonoids of a citrus - such as routines, gesperin and naringin are considered as close relatives of a kvertsetin. But they are less effective. Besides, to take a maximum from oranges, lemons and grapefruits, it is necessary to eat them entirely, with a peel that not to everyone to taste. But the choice for you.

Except onions and apples, kvertsetin is in tomatoes and cabbage of broccoli.


it contains a huge amount of biologically active agents In small volume - bioflavonoids, vitamins and the major minerals like selenium and zinc. Garlic remarkably reduces the " level; bad cholesterol and arterial pressure. It nearly the best means for prevention is warm - vascular diseases.

the Minimum day norm - several large cloves. Do not forget to crush or to small cut them in 10 minutes prior to food: at the same time the maximum number of bioactive agents is released.

A to weaken a pungent garlick smell from a mouth, culinary specialists recommend to jam garlic a small bunch of fresh parsley, to chew coffee grains, to drink hot milk or to rinse a mouth milk. It is possible to eat cardamom after garlic.

Green tea. Bioflavonoida`s

, found in it, on antioxidant activity is 25 times more powerful than vitamin E and by 100 times - vitamin C. Therefore even those who drink only 1 - 2 cups a day almost reduce probability of heart attacks by 50%. Green tea contains the greatest number of polyphenols on a unit of weight among plants. In green tea there are a lot of vitamins and nutritious elements which prevent developing of chronic diseases. In it there are a lot of minerals of which in usual food it is not enough, for example: copper, iron, manganese, potassium etc., and also many vitamins necessary for elderly people. Besides, tea contains a large amount of medicinal substances: tannin, caffeine, vitamin P. They expand vessels, increase breath function, a tonality of muscular activity, but at the same time do not accelerate activity of a cardiac muscle, do not cause tachycardia and do not increase pressure since all elements work together. Tea prevents increase of level of cholesterol, besides, works as soft anticoagulant, that is reduces coagulability of blood a little and facilitates work of heart, promotes increase of quantity of white little bodies in blood and, therefore, increases immunity of an organism and helps an organism to resist to radiation exposure. Green tea has also the expressed antibacterial effect. The cup after food is irreplaceable for prevention of caries and diseases of gums. Some researchers advise

to drink not less than 6 cups a day to receive the maximum protection. According to others, even the cup in day already yields results.

of the Grade of tea happen different. It is necessary to remember that the green shade of a leaf is lighter, the grade of green tea is higher. The premiums have light-green, pistachio color with golden or silvery outflow.

Here in brief and all. Give, for yourself, we will become guarantors of long and healthy life. All in our hands.

Good luck.]