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How to win against absent-mindedness?

Absent-mindedness - the loveliest of defects, though by no means not always safe. Concentration on something one is bought by absent-mindedness concerning all the rest. The people who are carried away by the business differ in such absent-mindedness. The absent-mindedness of such people is most noticeable and is evident. Strangely enough, people are inclined to suffer this, most harmless type of absent-mindedness least of all. (S. V. Proleev. The encyclopedia of defects)

From the point of view of the Russian morals absent-mindedness was never considered as terrible defect. It is some kind of distinctive feature of the personality peculiar, as a rule, to people kind, honest and fairly clever. Possibly, in other time with such quality it would be quite possible to live and work. However today, when the speed and accuracy of actions solves success of business, the absent-mindedness quite often harms us.

the Entertaining fact about absent-mindedness

Once Einstein in thoughtfulness went down the street and met the friend. He invited him to himself home:

You Come to me in the evening, I will have professor Stimson .

the Friend was surprised:

But I also am Stimson!

Einstein objected:

It is not important - all the same come .

With a problem of absent-mindedness can see a doctor where to you will write out special preparations. Also there are house means :

1. Rest - good remedy for absent-mindedness. Week do not use the computer and the TV.

2. Reconsider the mode and food. Perhaps you lack vitamins and minerals, and you do not get enough sleep?

3. Train memory. For example, you learn foreign words, verses.

4. To use different reminders in mobile phones and computers.

5. Try to dial telephone numbers on the phone manually, and not through a notebook.

6. Drink broth of a basil and use a citrus. Eat every day 3 large apples.

8. Also can help of oil.

At a nervous tension, scattered attention, irritation :

Rosemary, lavender, lemon, patchoulis, ilang, basil. Use for bathtubs, massage and inhalations, for aromatization of rooms.

At absent-mindedness and easing of memory. Basil, mint, rosemary. It is possible to carry with itself a bottle with one of these oils.

If you cannot find the necessary thing, do not despair. It is necessary to calm down, sit down in a chair, to inhale oil from a bottle and to sit 10 minutes. Then over again to start searches which, by all means will bring success.

In addition to the recommended three oils can add oil of an eucalyptus, a lemon, a cedar, a carnation, a hyssop. Main methods of application: aromatization of the room, bathtub, massage.

Is of exercise against absent-mindedness:

1. At chronic delay for work and on meetings. Before an important meeting put the clock on 15 - 20 minutes ahead. At delay for work as soon as in the morning you are woken by an alarm clock, rearrange it for a while when you have to close already a door of the apartment and concentrate on collecting.

2. Train attention. For example, if you go by the trolleybus or the car, remember brand, color and number of the car passing by, and try to restore everything that was remembered, in detail in the evening. So gradually you learn to concentrate attention on on what want.

3. Before an important issue try to calm down, sit or lie down several minutes, whenever possible without thinking of anything.

4. Try to remember before going to bed all lived day, hour after an hour. Try to renew in memory each trifle, each event and each action, the and those with whom you communicated who was seen. Try to remember names of people, phone numbers, your words and interlocutors.

5. Nothing will so well teach you quickly and to react correctly to the events as sports occupations. Best of all such games as soccer, volleyball, tennis help and so forth Accustom themselves to do to

constantly at least part of the above-mentioned and soon you will forever forget about your absent-mindedness.