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Where the sun beams hide in the fall?

Legend of a gold flower. Somehow once a cunning and angry white dragon, wishing to do much harm people, took in head to encroach on a heavenly body - the sun, to take away from all live light and pleasure. The dragon did not know that he not on forces chose to himself production. Teeth and claws it tore the fallen asleep sun, and hot sparks, falling to the ground, turned into fine flowers - chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum in translation from Greek means gold flower . History of this fine flower begins in China. Chrysanthemums were known to residents of Celestial Empire more than 2000 years ago. Originally chrysanthemums were only yellow. In the IV century of a chrysanthemum got to Japan which became their second homeland. In the book relating to 1496 more than 100 grades of these plants were already described.

A chrysanthemum, perhaps, as any other flower, steadily was a source of inspiration of the Japanese painters who created amazing cloths with the unique art image of these noble flowers. As, to the chrysanthemums so loved in Japan many graceful poems are devoted to roses in Europe. There is a small poem belonging to Tomonori`s feather, the poet of the Japanese antiquity:

As the hoarfrost which fell on flowers

of That chrysanthemum that grows at the house thaws,

Where I live,

So, life, you will thaw,

Executed by gentle love!

The gold chrysanthemum in Japanese is called to a kik - sun . From the sun as the ancient legend narrates, there were also the Japanese people, yamato, sun people . A chrysanthemum in Japan not only the messenger of fall, it - a sun symbol, a nation symbol. The stylized image of a sixteen-petal imperial gold chrysanthemum is a basis of the State Emblem, and the highest award of the country - an award of Chrysanthemums.

Beauty of chrysanthemums bewitches. Their bitterish aroma causes easy, light grief. And their firmness and cheerfulness - a worthy example for imitation. They survive even under snow. Once you bring these ringing small pieces of ice in heat, and flowers will recover and will be capable to please long us with gentle coloring and unique fresh greens.

In the Crimea the strong green young growth of chrysanthemums was given amazingly exact name oaklets . Here you will see them on each personal plot. Pay attention to a small elastic green leaf of a chrysanthemum which in a form copies a mighty tree.

For a long time these flowers conquered the whole world. In Vietnam chrysanthemums represent sincere purity and clarity of reason, in China - wisdom and longevity; in Japan - happiness, success, good luck; in France and Italy - mourning, in many other countries just a symbol of fall and grief.

It was delivered from Japan to England in 1676. Dutch Reede made it. However French consider that chrysanthemums for the first time appeared in Marseille in 1789, and the French traveler Pierre Blancchir brought them.

The flower-show in 1889 in Paris summed up the results of centenary culture of these flowers in Europe. The huge chrysanthemum " was especially remembered to visitors of an exhibition; Willis (41 centimeters in the diameter).

It was similar to a white flower of a sunflower with only that difference that a sunflower - a flower flat, and a chrysanthemum Willis was volume and reminded still the Caucasian papakha what one of mountaineers thanked the gardener who grew up it 30 rams for.

Frosts the first fell.

Cold in heart. Bitterness of old subjects.

Warm soul from grief

White papakhas of chrysanthemums.

Traditionally October in Japan according to an old lunar calendar - month of chrysanthemums...

For a long time in Japan in October celebrate a national holiday of chrysanthemums. At this time put in houses an ikebana from chrysanthemums, do garlands, have fun, read verses in which glorify this flower, give bouquets of flowers and baskets.

And Japanese call the most beautiful girls Oka - ku - a dignity, equating them at the same time and to tenderness of a chrysanthemum, and to shine of the sun. You remember the tale of the Cinderella?: You would like to go to a ball, isn`t that so? Come to the Crimea and visit on a ball! Every October finishes the real ball of chrysanthemums .

In a ballroom of the Nikitsky botanical garden, and it is about 20 hundred parts of the earth, 260 grades of participants are presented. The main thing in placement of chrysanthemums for ball display - not to break contrast of flowers. Bordyurny or carpet grades of chrysanthemums differ in a low stalk and a medium-sized flower. One of them has two tones of coloring of a petal and greenish core and is called - Tu tone pink - two-ton, pink. It is important that among a flower variety the smallest grade of chrysanthemums " did not get lost; Knopa . Height of a stalk does not exceed 20 cm. Its sizes favourably emphasized grades of the highest, 2 - meter chrysanthemums.

Among 23 thousand plants it is possible to go not one day. Of them are 90 the types removed in the Nikitsky garden, and 30 - debutants from Germany and Holland. Are presented European, East - Asian schools. Visitors of a ball elect the queen. In a day near chrysanthemums passes to 7000 people. The live sun of various forms and coloring will become decoration of your portrait.

Tatyana Sholokhova is the granddaughter of the famous Soviet writer - seventeen years select these unusual flowers. The Black Sea broadcasting company Think Up the Name - too transfers to a new flower art - selectors claim. Eseniana - it is called in honor of Sergey Yesenin. And in a year of death of the princess Diana the grade " appeared; Lady Dee . To Space Brothers - dedication to alien brothers on reason. These chrysanthemums from the highest. Probably it is not casual, the light year measures distance to stars i.e. how many would pass terrestrial years so far the ray of sunlight will reach a surface of a far-out planet.

In 2005 from three versions Anastasia - white, yellow and a Bordeaux - the highest mark was received by white - Anastasia - Whyte . She was brought by the German selectors 8 years ago. Russia connected its name with a name of the daughter of the last emperor Anastasia Romanova. One of novelties of 2006 - a grade Gold beehive . This year the krupnotsvetkovy chrysanthemum has a chance Teddy Bear .

The counter of a season 2007 is a grade which has pedicels very short and several inflorescences are located closely to each other. You represent on one leg several camomiles with the uncountable petals pressed to each other. Here, how many guess, all the same you will get off - loves! And if you want a miracle in other city of the Crimea, in the market of Feodosiya, for example, the ball continues!

Will offer fans of wildlife also backs with a cub of the Chrysanthemum on a branch as confirmation of a noble origin of a root. Put this sprout, and in the cloudy autumn afternoon the surprising flower will return you the sun. Best of all gold flower grows on open solar places and neutral soils. Water should not stand as the plant does not take out damp soils, for them the small drought, than the wet earth is better.

Chrysanthemums in the Nikitsky botanical garden, magnificent service of hotel, refined lines of the Yalta embankment, wine, the sun and, of course, the sea playing in all flowers of a rainbow and also people who live and create on this earth, - all this can become in your autumn afternoon of the returned summer.]