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What conceals in itself Thailand?

the First messengers of fall will quietly be knocked in our windows soon. The cloudy sky is also red - brown leaves here - here will challenge domination from yellow dandelions and the summer sun. And in air the smell of easy frost will be felt in the mornings and at heart there will be a grief - the summer comes to an end. But it comes to an end at us, and somewhere in September the tourist season only begins.

Exotic and unique Thailand blossoms after a rainy season, brags of the updated paints and envelops the atmosphere of mysteriousness. The trip to Thailand, undoubtedly, is worth it to spend for it at least part of the holiday, and it is even better - all. For once at all desire not to reconsider everything, than the kingdom is famous: the monuments to antiquity covered with century dust, the coast bathing in sunshine with golden sand and evergreen palm trees, the wild nature bewitching exotic animals and landscapes.

It is possible to be surprised in Thailand constantly: to thoughtful temples and magnificent palaces, archeological excavations and the air saturated with spices. In Thailand it is not necessary to miss not only to judges of quiet beach rest and excursion impressions, but also fans of the various and cheerful night life which is carrying away in whirlpool of music, colourful shows and unexpected surprises.

If you dream to relax on the fantastic coast, we recommend to pay attention to the popular Thai beaches located in the resort of Pattaya (for economical travelers), on islands Phuket and Samui (for the tourists preferring expensive and respectable rest), and also on the island To Chiang (for fans of tranquility and a privacy). Now the Russian tourists had an opportunity to have a rest on the coasts, not so known, with the smaller number of hotels and tourists, but silent and kept the natural virginity and a charm: Krabi, Cha - Am, Hua Hinn and Pranas of the Storm. The hotel base and level of service are in Thailand at height. Will offer you a set of the excursions weakening and restoring spa - procedures, opportunities for sports - from all this you take true pleasure.

But to go to this exotic country only behind beach rest blasphemously. In Thailand it is just necessary to see the ancient Buddhist temples with their monumental beauty blinding gold palaces of Bangkok, crocodile and snake farms with dangerous and at the same time such fascinating inhabitants.

The most unforgettable and impressive by right can call round Unknown Thailand . It, without exaggeration, a unique opportunity to plunge into secrets present kingdoms: with own eyes to see the life of the radical tribes and the most ancient temples built not within the city, and on slopes covered with the jungle of mountains.

The Temple Vat Doy Suthep in Chiangg Mai located in mountains at the height of 1056 meters is an example of it. To get to it, it is necessary to walk upstairs from 290 steps, decorated with figures It is nude (King Zmey) on both sides. Surprising travel across Thailand will present you a fascinating trip by train on legendary To Smerti Road in Kanchanaburi, you will get to the village of a nationality of Maun where life proceeds in accuracy as well as several centuries ago. In Lopburi you will visit the Temple of Monkeys of the 13th century Prang Iodine (Three tops) executed from a stone in the Khmer architectural style. There live hundreds of monkeys who are owners of a shrine. In Lampang you descend on the real morning market and will see 100 - a holiday apartment from mahogany Baan Sao Nak, and in Chiang Ry sweep by the boat on the Mekong River.

Your impressions of such travel cannot be compared to one other trip because you will be able to tell: I saw the real Thailand! .

Exotic of Thailand is so unique and attractive that the tourists who once visited here in most cases come back here again and again.

To come back home with tremendous photos, mass of impressions and memoirs which will remain with you for the rest of life - what can be better? But the success of your trip directly depends on the choice of tour operator, range of flight and complexity of the organization of similar round demand from travel agency of solid experience and reliability. Therefore we advise you to choose the checked tour operator who long ago proved on the Thai direction. Successful to you rest!