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How in England thought up soccer of

Everything of course it is known that soccer was invented by British (in its modern look), but how and when it occurred?. In Britain the ball game began as entertainment on annual festivities in buttered week. Two teams with unlimited number of players tried to throw a ball in gate of team of rivals, and gate as a rule, represented some in advance stipulated place near the downtown.

Game took place roughly, rigidly and is quite often life-threatening players. When the crowd of the excited men rushed on city streets, sweeping away all on the way, owners of benches and houses had to close a sun blind or boards of a window of the first floor. The lucky who eventually managed " became the winner; to bring a ball in gate. And it was not necessarily the ball. For example, followers of the rebel Jack Ked, the leader of popular uprising, drove a mumpish pork bubble on streets of London.

The first uniform rules of the game in soccer were established in teams of private schools and universities of Oxford and Cambridge. But each team had the view of rules of the game. In some teams players had the right to play hands.

J. de Ouinton and John Charles Thring from Kembridzhky university met representatives of private schools with the purpose to formulate and accept the set of uniform rules. Discussion lasted 7 hours and 55 minutes, and the document published under the name " resulted; Cambridge rules . They were approved by the majority of schools and clubs, and later (only with minor changes) assumed them as a basis rules of Football association of England.

In 1830 - 1860 there were more than 70 soccer teams. They could represent separate men`s clubs, beer, whole villages, sometimes united young people of one profession. Similar matches often attracted the audience who usually concluded a bet about its outcome. Rules made a reservation before competition, and their observance was monitored by the arbitrator approved by both parties or the arbitration judge.

On October 26, 1863 representatives of 11 London clubs and schools gathered in a tavern Free bricklayers (Freemason`s Tavern) to Greyt - Quinn - the street also founded Football association of England. A main goal still consisted in creation of the general set of rules - the uniform code of uniform game.

Disputes went concerning the size of the platform, width and height of gate, rules of a zaschityvaniye of the heads, definition of the situation off side about cuttings, footboards and run with a ball in hands. At the following meeting on December 1, 1863 the Cambridge rules were assumed as a basis that, in fact, meant a ban on movement with a ball in hands and blows in legs.

But it is necessary to notice that neither the Cambridge rules, nor the new code of FA forbade to touch a ball by hands. In both sets of rules of game players were allowed to catch a ball hands, but captures, pushes, footboards and cuttings were not allowed.

Supporters of rugby and supporters of soccer could not agree. So there were two absolutely different games.]