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Excess weight is useful to health?

in society are propagandized Many years idea that it is necessary to fight against excess weight. But large-scale new research created a furor - his authors came to conclusion that fat men and fatties live longer.

Amazing new work of the American physiologists puzzled and disturbed health services: follows from its conclusions that, contrary to ordinary representations, the increased body weight can be rather useful to health.

The results of research published by the authoritative Journal of the American Medical Association edition contradict nearly all other recommendations to the population. They say that excess fatty deposits - the truth, not excessive - is possible, prolong life.

Those who painfully try to keep to a diet and constantly hear that they symmetry maintenance - the best recipe of longevity, will fall into bewilderment this morning... or it is with relief sighed. However, some surplus of weight in comparison with norm can increase probability to die of diabetes or an illness of kidneys - diseases which are often interconnected, but this regularity does not extend to a number of other diseases, including oncological and is warm - vascular, is approved in research.

Strictly speaking if to walk according to the complete list of diseases which can prematurely tear off your life then completeness - of course, not catastrophic - will come of you to the rescue. The essence is in that, scientists say that among slightly plump people mortality is lower, than among their age-mates whose weight is lower than norm, much more exceeds norm or - here the most amazing - meets standard.

It will be difficult to disprove these conclusions. They are made on the basis of the analysis of the data which are saved up for several decades, federal researchers from the Centers of control and prevention of diseases (CDC) in Atlanta, the State of Georgia. It not research of group of scientists - radicals, and it was not sponsored by any network fast - foot.

In final part of article it is told that the increased body weight apparently, accompanies much lower mortality from all reasons .

Ordinary people should draw from this thought that it is much more difficult than interrelation between completeness and mortality, than we are inclined to think, - Catherine Flegol, the head of research group told. - There is no universal, standard regularity according to which the increased body weight surely increases probability of your death on any of the possible reasons .

The fact that CDC in general published data of this research, risking to give up as a bad job long-term promotion of symmetry as synonym of a healthy lifestyle, aroused indignation at a number of medical specialists.

It is just nonsense, - Walter Uillett, professor of dietology from Harvard school of public health care angrily speaks. - It is ridiculous to claim that the increased body weight is not risk factor, so far as concerns mortality .

But do not think that results of research CDC are an invitation to reject care and to guzzle with cream to a dump. Scientists tried to emphasize that the positive consequences described by them concern only people with moderately increased body weight - usually it means that your weight exceeds recommended with your growth no more than for 30 pounds (13,5 kg), - and definitely do not extend to those who have obesity.

Scientists from CDC for the first time hinted at positive sides of the increased body weight several years ago. For the expired period they expanded base of the research - used data on mortality for 2004, the newest of available - among 2,3 million adult Americans.

There is an example emphasizing that it is not excessive to have a little bit an excess fat. Scientists reported that among persons with the increased body weight in the USA for 2004 mortality was 100 thousand less, than it would be necessary to expect if all these people had normal weight. In other words, Americans whose completeness did not reach obesity degree, much less than people with a normal weight (the difference reaches 40%), die of a number of diseases and dangerous states, including emphysema, pneumonia, Alzheimer`s disease, injuries and some infectious diseases.

Small surplus of weight can help not avoid diseases, but also recover after serious surgeries, injuries and infections, doctor Flegol believes. Perhaps, at such patients it is simple more reserves of an organism which can use in a hard case.

Other American physicians were slightly stunned with research, but so far refrained from the statement of the opinion. This extremely puzzling, non-standard conclusion - doctor Dzhoenn Manson managing office of preventive medicine in Brigham and Women`s Hospital hospital (Harvard) told.

In conclusion authors of research note: It is possible to reveal interrelations between the increased body weight and the increased probability to survive during recovery after crisis states - for example, infections or medical interventions, and also the improved forecast at some diseases. The similar facts, perhaps, have a talk such properties of persons with the increased body weight as larger reserves of nutrients in an organism or the increased mass of muscles and bones .

Scientists also reported that small excess of weight is most useful for persons 25 - 59 years though at plump people 60 years also are more senior there are certain advantages.]