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What is advised by the fan - Shui for love and marriage?

In this material are published the qualified answers of experts from the Feng shui Academy (Russia).

whether Can - be helped by the fan Shui with finding a love / marriage?

Here two moments are:

1. Your own condition of fullness love and openness to the world. Without this state it is very difficult to attract love in the lives. Here the universal law " works; similar attracts similar . If you internally are in a state at me it is bad with private life and the Universe will create around you continuous confirmation to it.

2. One of the main objectives the fan - Shui is fine tuning of power of the house under the person. As a result you appear in special conditions where the room constantly supports you and helps to realize own aspirations. In such apartment life goes much nasyshchenny more actively, and the relations develop more brightly and more harmoniously.

Fine tuning of the house under the person is based on the analysis of its personal power card and power of the house. It is serious work, and it demands vocational training. One shift of furniture and placement of any mascots not to manage here.

How to return darling?

First of all not to try to return it. And better enclose those forces which you would spend for it in yourself, in the feminity, brilliance and charm. And then, if you are really fated to be together, it will return.

we with the husband belong to On numbers of Gua to different groups. What to do? Those numbers of Gua which interpret many books are based by

only on one characteristic - year of birth. At the same time qualities of the personality are not taken into account at all though on such qualities people also meet together. Therefore reject towards number of Gua. They only mislead. By the way, and the directions for the person are chosen not on these numbers too, and according to all his personal power card.

I cannot become pregnant In any way. Whether the fan can - Shui something to help? to

Yes, the fan - Shui can give certain help in conception of the child. And there are two moments. In - the first, it is necessary to analyse your personal power card, to find out what potential abilities to the birth of children exist at your organism and as they change eventually. Also looks how your husband influences them. In - the second, of course, need to be led the analysis of power of your apartment, and on the basis of all the obtained data to arrange the apartment under you. As a result you will get support from the house that will give you strength for development and the birth of children. By the way, in some apartments specific zones with the power stimulating conception process can be formed.

my husband strongly drinks . Whether the fan - Shui can as - nibud to help with this trouble? Often men begin to drink

in two cases:

1. When the house is located on a geopathogenic zone. Here serious research is necessary, but, as a rule, the best exit is moving on other residence.

2. In houses where energy of elements of Water is weakened. Alcohol for them is some kind of compensator in this situation. Therefore in the house it is necessary to support elements of Water. It can be Xing - blue colors in an interior or real water in the form of, for example, aquarium. It is also possible to try to rearrange a bed so that to sleep-headed on the North.

How to make so that the husband brought money to the house?

Here two essentially important points are:

1. Your husband really wants to earn more, or he at heart accepts the current situation? It is ready to changes? Without deep internal desire of changes in earnings it is hardly necessary to expect.

2. If the person himself decided to earn more, then it is possible to choose on the basis of the analysis of its personal power card the sphere of the most effective for him activity and to make recommendations about arrangement of the place of work. Then the power of space will harmoniously be entered into its personal map that will lead to bigger self-realization and, as a result, to bigger earnings.