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How to choose the Keyboard?

of the Joke jokes, but quite often at the user arise similar claims: inconvenient klaviat ra, keys become a little. Sometimes it leads to fatigue increase, a tunnel syndrome (hand pain, especially in a brush of the right hand, caused dolroy by work at the computer). The fact that many users take the first model is the reason, having seen it in a price - a leaf of any firm or in packing on a show-window. And shortcomings prove not at once therefore upon purchase of the keyboard it is necessary to know what it is worth paying attention to. So form and materials. If the computer is used first of all as the typewriter, then it is necessary on to care for ergonomics of the case of the keyboard and an arrangement of keys. There are options with division of symbolical part of the keyboard into two parts: one for the left hand, another for right. Mnoriye consider such option as the most successful. However such keyboard will be more expensive usual, and also on it it is less convenient to print in ekstremalnykhusloviya - one hand, holding in druroy a cup of tea, coffee, beer (necessary to emphasize), or to print, Korda at one computer is several people and any method of printing on this keyboard, excellent from desyatipaltsevoro, will be more difficult. If you prefer to use the computer more in quality multimediynoro the center or the igovy console, then from etoro option it is better to refuse in favor of the ordinary multimedia keyboard. There are more conservative versions of the ergonomic keyboard, for example, Ashape - keys have a little slanted form and hands can be held at an angle to the keyboard that is more natural to them, but at the same time the keyboard the look very much resembles the standard keyboard superficially. Even choosing the standard keyboard without any frills (multimedia keys of ergonomic keys), it is possible to choose it with an ergonomic support for zapyastyev (the platform located under the " key; gap ) on it your brushes at that moment can have a rest, Korda your hands are not occupied with typing. As for a keyboard surface (its roughness), this matter of taste, suum cuique (each to their own). Better at acquisition of the keyboard to try to the touch several models and to independently make the decision. If to mention case type, then you should not avoid also the flexible keyboard. It has a film case, it very much lyorkaya, such keyboard can be bent in different directions, even to twist in a tubule, to wash under water. Such keyboard can be useful to the owners of handheld computers or laptops dissatisfied with the built-in keyboard. Recently multimedia keyboards were widely adopted. Existence of additional keys is characteristic of these keyboards, is frequent with the functions provided by default. The additional

mode when standard keys carry out other functions is also possible. Existence odnoro or several skrollinrov is possible (for example, analor skrollinra on a mouse or for management of loudness). However recently about izvoditel solved not orranichivat possibilities of the keyboard various elements of management (keys, rerylyatorami). Now it is possible to meet keyboards with the built-in additional USB ports (quite conveniently to connect a flash card), the built-in card reader, the illuminated keys for more convenient work in a night-time (so-called moddinr), the microphone, the additional

socket for connection of earphones, the additional screen for small

of text information... It is possible to find simple models of multimedia keyboards for 10 conventional units and elite models over 200 c.u. everything depends on your

opportunities and requirements. Raskraskak`s


On color of the case of the keyboard to most of users should not turn attention, it is more important for those who want that the keyboard elerantno fitted into a room interior (you should not rush to extremes, however, the keyboard too yarkoro can distract colors from work). If you do not own method of the blind press, then it is worth paying attention to color of symbols to a kl to a viatura, not striking symbols (more often vcero Russian layout suffers) can increase your fatigue, especially during the work at the computer in the evening. The choice for you, dare!]