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How to secure the house for the child?

you wait for the kid, you are happy and full of energy. Everything is already ready to its emergence, the bed, a carriage, clothes is bought And, maybe, on your house the peanut already runs? And whether you took care of safety of the house? Look at the apartment in a new way - what is safe for the adult, can constitute big danger to the child. As soon as the child begins to creep, and then and to go, each meter of your apartment can be for it potentially dangerous.

So, we will begin. What should be undertaken that the situation of your house did not do to the child harm?

KITCHEN. The place of the increased danger.

In kitchen should follow several obligatory rules:

- put pans on a plate only on distant rings, it is possible to get a special barrier to a plate;

- all chemistry should be stored in the place, inaccessible for the child, bright jars and boxes especially attract kids;

- do not forget to close a garbage can, in it there is so much interesting to the child;

- you store plastic bags in the inaccessible place;

- hide far away matches, they as all know, to children not of a toy;

- should not dim a table a cloth till that time until the kid grows up and the probability that it can pull down a cloth from a table will disappear;

- is better if the child has the lunch place - a stool with the fixing belts and an added little table.

BATHROOM AND TOILET. Be careful of wet floors.

- a tiled floor in a bathroom has to be dry - children so like to play pranks with water, and then to poskalzyvatsya on own pools;

- a toilet bowl has to be closed, and it is better that the toilet always was locked - small children like to climb hands in a toilet bowl;

- as well as in kitchen, it is necessary to hide all chemistry far away.

LIVING ROOM. Attention, electricity!

- insert caps into all electric sockets;

- pack all small objects or clean above;

- whenever possible get rid of glass doors, tables etc.;

- lock cases and if shutters have no keys, buy special locks;

- secure acute angles of furniture, on sale today for this purpose there are special silicone corners;

- displace electric wires, for them it is simple to kid to be hooked by legs and it can fall, besides, simply can hit it with current;

- do not encumber the room with excess things, give to the child more scope for games;

- all equipment has to be, whenever possible, inaccessible to the child.

In all rooms follows:

- to check windows, to be convinced that the kid will not be able independently to discover, to be convinced them that near windows the stool or a chair is not necessary;

- if in the apartment is powders between rooms, whenever possible they should be moved away, about them kids will surely stumble;

- if in the apartment slippery smooth floors, put on to the child special socks with nonskid rubber nashlepka on a foot.

Also you remember that the obvious ban only stirs interest of the child. It is better to explain clearly that the iron - it is hot, and scissors - it is sick. There is enough once for fun it is demonstrative to burn and the child will remember that it cannot be touched.

My daughter in two years well acquired that a plate - the place dangerous, and a knife it is impossible to take. At the same time she kept saying Ouch - ouch - ouch, it is impossible, it is hot or It is sick . Dear parents, be vigilant, protect the children.]