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Why pigeon necklace? (Ibn Hazm - about love)

I Somehow got to secondhand bookshop. I specially looked for nothing, so, to take a look. Well, and suddenly something interesting? Made just in case the order for couple of books and it began to be picked disorder. Looked through one, then the second, still something and suddenly! Painfully familiar cover! Really?!

Staring in disbelief took the book in hand - and I was scolded by a shiver, as at the first kiss. It was Ibn Hazm`s book Necklace pigeons .

For the first time I heard this name and the name (or read) about 45 years ago. Then I was young, inquisitive, read much. Probably, it was Leonid Solovyov who quoted Ibn Hazma in Stories about Hodge Nasreddin .

After a while I was lucky to buy it. The difficult book in reading, but I studied it as the student study of the strength of materials. In it there was something that forced me to come back to it again and again. ( It must be kept in mind that for the reader of that era (the 11th century - B. R.) the pigeon was not at all a symbol of the world and mildness what it became later at Christians. Then behind it remained attributed to it still in pigeon city Babylon symbolical value of voluptuousness. From E. E. Bertels`s preface to Russian translation.)

Then it safely disappeared (can be, I also sold it at departure, I do not remember). Here in Israel I remembered it quite often, but could not find (possibly, not really diligently looked for). And here - such luck!

Paid. I go home. I think: Or perhaps in vain I bought it? Well there it that it is worth holding it houses? Opened, began to read - and praised himself. Well done!

Below I cite this book practically without changing and without reducing (broke in some places into paragraphs from - for big pieces). Perhaps, and you, readers, derive pleasure.

Love - the weakening illness, and in it arises from it medicine, in process of its action. It is an illness usladitelny and a desired illness; sick with it it is unpleasant to recover, and suffering does not wish to get rid of it. It decorates to the person from what he turned away, and facilitates that it was difficult for him, changing its congenital properties and the initial nature.

Really you will often find the person consoled, according to him, and who reached limit years who when you remind him, remembers, both becomes bright, and looks younger, and nervousness comes back to him, and the grief rises in it.

Twelve heads concern accidents of love and its properties, laudable and blamed, though the love itself is accident and property, and accident does not carry in itself accidents and property cannot attribute properties.

Similar to it (it is about love stories - B. R.) it is numerous and if execution of a debt to governors for Muslims was not obligatory and we should not have told from stories about them only what the judiciousness and revival of belief whereas love something for what they retired to palaces with the wives, and we do not tell about it consists in, - I, probably, would report many data on them something like that. (In other words, is about what to gossip and can chop off language, separately or together with the head - B. R.)

the love has signs which will be tracked by quick-witted and the first of them - a lingering look will reach them acute, and. Eyes - the opened soul gate, and they report its secrets, open her intimate thoughts and explain hidden in it, and you see how the look, without blinking, moves with the movements of darling, turns when it turns, and the chameleon behind the sun goes there where it went, precisely.

Still a love sign when the person generously gives everything that can, from this, what refused earlier as if it it was presented and about his happiness try; all this to show the high qualities and to summon desire.

How many avaricious from that showed a bit of generosity, both gloomy cheered up, and pants it raskhrabritsya, and silly learned, and careless it was tidied up, and poor people it was decorated! How many people in years tried to look younger how many pious became shameless and how many faultless were dishonored!

One of the parties of love - a unification. It is high destiny, great degree, a sublime step and a happy omen, - no, this updated life and brilliant life, eternal pleasure and great favor of Allah!

And if there was no mortal life by monastery passing, full of tests and distempers, and paradise - monastery of requital and safety from the affairs blamed, - the right, we would tell that the unification from darling and is true pleasure, not turbid, and pleasure without impurity in which there is no grief, both completion of dreams, and a limit of hopes.

I tested pleasures with their variability and learned types of happiness, at their variety, but neither approach to the sultan, nor the money which got in profit neither a find after loss, nor return after long absence, nor safety after fear and a distance for a shelter sink down so in soul as a unification; in particular after long refusals when there came separation and inflamed from - for it nervousness both the flame of melancholy flashed and hope fire flared.

The plants blossoming when dew, the flowers blossoming will drop out when clouds in an hour pre-dawn break, water murmur that makes the way to various flowers, magnificence of the white palaces surrounded with green gardens - nothing from this is finer, than rapprochement with darling whose qualities are pleasing to Allah, which properties of a dostokhvalna which lines correspond one another on beauty.

Really, does it weak language talkative and powerlessly here eloquence able to speak; the reason admires it and minds admire.

Yes Allah will keep us and you from doubt, and yes he will not assign to us that beyond our powers!

Yes it us will not charge our weak determination, to ailing forces, shabby constructions, changeable views, evil will, a small insight and vicious passions! ]