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What is rhinoplasty, or you are happy with the nose?

All of us, well or almost everything, are in a varying degree dissatisfied with the appearance and we can always find, what to carp at. One business when the heat-spot which swelled up recently which can be disguised by means of powder is the cause, and next day to forget about it at all, and absolutely another when your shortcoming pursues you since the birth or was a consequence of a trauma.

Tell to me what your nose and I will tell who you are!

Most of all, perhaps, gets to our nose. You will not hide it under a foundation layer, you will not hide by means of competently picked up clothes as it is possible to arrive with curve legs or too small breast, you will not correct it and by means of diets or physical exercises, the famous assistants in fight against excess weight. Our nose is visible always and everywhere, not incidentally about it there are so many sayings. And on it experts in physiognomics can tell a lot of things of your character. But what if the nose it spoils that if it is the reason of your complexes, uncertainty in itself(himself) and bad mood? An exit is - rhinoplasty .

What is it?

So, rhinoplasty is called plastic surgery on change of a shape of a nose (from the Greek rhinos - a nose and plastikos - changing a form). In spite of the fact that the plastic surgery is considered to be as the XX century miracle, rhinoplasty was known in an extreme antiquity. In 600 years B.C. it was applied in India to restoration of the injured noses, and in the Middle Ages devoted it treatises. But real birth of rhinoplasty it is considered to be 30 - e years of the XX century when the German surgeon Jacques Joseph executed first esthetic rhinoplasty. Since then millions of people had worldwide an opportunity to get rid of the problems and to find an opportunity to begin new life without complexes, full new opportunities both in career development, and in private life.

Rhinoplasty in itself represents quite difficult operation. The essence it is reduced to what at first is necessary for the doctor exfoliate skin, then to change a form kostno - a cartilaginous framework, again to cover a framework with skin and to impose seams. Doctors complain that sometimes patients are interested whether it is impossible to change their nose by means of the laser that everything passed without seams and cuts. Unfortunately, at this stage of development of plastic surgery it is impossible. Also it is necessary to follow the phrase, famous since the childhood, that beauty demands the victims.

What rhinoplasty

of the Opened and closed rhinoplasty happens. Operation can be carried out by

in two ways: opened and closed. At an open way do a cut on a crossing point between nostrils. At the same time the doctor can see all nasal structures and changes which happen there. The second method predpolagt performance of all cuts in a nose. A shortcoming is that the doctor should make some manipulations blindly. But there are also pluses - at use of this method process of rehabilitation of the patient takes place more simply: much less hypostases, the smaller volume of fabrics is injured and healing happens quicker.

Rhinoplasty of cartilaginous and bone department.

Rhinoplasty of cartilaginous department means change of a tip of a nose, and under rhinoplasty of bone department mean change top structures of a nose, those that form a small hump. Quite often both types of rhinoplasty are required for the patient at the same time, will depend on it not only complexity of operation, but also its price.

How many it costs?

Yes, for the sake of beauty you will go to any victims including on material inputs. The Price of rhinoplasty varies from $300 to $3000 and above. All to you correction of wings of a nose will cost Cheaper. If you want to improve a nose tip, then be ready to give not less than $1 000 and if your purpose - to forget about a hated small hump as about a bad dream, then such pleasure leaves to you even more expensively. In case of need full rhinoplasty the price will be not less than $2500.

Before and after

So, you decided. You found the surgeon, and your dream will be embodied already soon. What it is necessary to you? For a start - consultation. On consultation the doctor will study your requirements and desires whether he will reveal you are adequate mentally (yes, presently some suffer from attachment to plastic surgeries and demand them to execute without the reasons seen on that), will estimate proportions of your person and respiratory functions. Also you should take place the most interesting part - modeling of a nose of your dream. The doctor photographs the patient on the digital camera and right there processes a photo in the special program where approximately models your future nose.

As well as to any operation, it will be necessary to be prepared for rhinoplasty. Especially it concerns people with problem skin. The matter is that fat, porous, thick skin not only complicates operation, but also rehabilitation process as at such skin stronger puffiness is observed. And if you have an acne rash, then it is necessary to try to improve a condition of skin, after operation your time will be closed not less than a week by a plaster bandage.

Not to avoid and analyses. You should hand over: by

Then you will be asked to sign a consent to operation and...

And here you already on the operating table waiting for anesthesia. As a rule, today at rhinoplasty use the general anesthesia (intravenous or an intubation) though it is admissible as well application of a local anesthesia.

But here all behind. You lie with a plaster bandage on a face, it is possible to breathe only through a mouth, you have a weakness and temperature... Not inspires? And in vain! In 3 days you will already return to the normally a state, and in one or two weeks to you will remove a bandage and you will see the brand new nose and will be able to return to normal life.

It is worth remembering that after rhinoplasty hypostasis is formed. And quite long time your nose will recover as if, in the necessary form. Therefore be not frightened if what you will see in a mirror right after removal of a bandage, disappoints you. Be ready and to a pessimistic spirit of friends, relatives and colleagues who or will notice nothing, or, confused by hypostasis, will not hurry to shower you with compliments. At the end - that the ends, you did operation for yourself, you got rid of freight which did not give you so much time is happy to live! You have ahead many new opportunities (not incidentally many Hollywood stars, such as Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Helly Berri and even Merlyn Monro, made rhinoplasty and achieved dizzy success)! And still you are waited by new big love - love to itself!!! If you fall in love with yourself, then and all will love you!!! And if not, then and the most ideal nose to you will seem huge and ugly. So learn to be happy even if and by means of small intervention of the plastic surgeon!!!