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How to split a coconut?

From a coconut shell half I suited a drinking bowl for the dog. From true foppery: it is too small to satisfy thirst of my setter. In addition my red foolish woman will not guess in any way to hold a kokosina with a paw that that did not overturn. But I for some reason persist. All it seems to me that it is so more beautiful also to the nature closer and suddenly the shell everything is will give to tap water that charming sweetish smack of a coco which I so love.

Long time I bought a coco in the form of shaving in color cellophane bags. Strewed with it cream cakes that it was beautiful. Then began to pour shaving to cream and eventually created own recipe house Flight . To add shaving directly in the whites beaten for meringue it appeared dangerously: at pastries she placed cake layers therefore I drive in largely cut cashews into proteins. And here in cream (the most usual: To shake up 100 g of butter with a half-can of condensed milk and 50 g of vodka) already I pour two tablespoons (with good top) a strugany coco. Cream turns out dense, dense, slightly rough consistence that is remarkably combined with meringue.

When cocoes, brown and hairy were available for sale, I became puzzled - what with them to do? In the advertizing Baunti they long fly from huge height, and then break up to two ideally equal parts, splashing transparent moisture. The only height available to me - a balcony of my apartment on the third floor of a five-storey apartment block. As to split these nuts differently, none of my acquaintances knew. Who advised a sechka, who the hammer, and I everything remembered a shot from some movie where the white teeth mulatto at one stroke of a machete cuts a top of a nut also greedy drinks its juice. I have no machete and the wave is not put. Began to interrogate sellers. The majority shrugged shoulders, but one appeared it is aware: Take the fact that without cracks in which it is heard as liquid laps. You see three black peepholes on the made narrower end? At first it is necessary to punch them, well though the screw-driver and to merge liquid. And then prick it, than it will turn out . It did not turn out nothing though I quickly got skilled to perforate eyes an ordinary corkscrew.

I addressed cooks at restaurant where in the menu a lot of exotic appeared. They told both how to prick and how to use. It appears, the coco has the secret. If to put it on a plain surface and, densely holding, with easy effort to beat with the back of a knife a point of a golden ratio (about a third of the end with black eyes) and to rotate slowly, then the crack will absolutely unexpectedly appear - it is the line of a natural break. It is enough to put in it an edge of a knife and to press slightly as the coco itself will break up. Of course, all this should be made when you already merged juice through eyes. From one nut it is possible to decant up to two thirds of a glass.

Juice, either coconut milk, or coconut water can be drunk. It - it - it goes better when stands in the refrigerator. But professionals usually use it - it for cooking: add to soups and sauces. I most of all liked mutton in coconut milk. Pieces of the size of shashlik houses at first are fried, and then directly in a frying pan pour in coconut milk with hot spices and extinguished to readiness. Aroma!

I did not begin to carry out the most intricate recipe (too many sharp independent tastes which, in my opinion, do not develop in a bouquet), but suddenly will interest someone: chicken ham roll in hop - sunel, strew with black pepper and ground coffee (!) then fry, put in a pan, fill in with nagretymkokosovy milk, fill up with melkonarezanny pulp of a coco, prunes, garlic and spices, extinguish to readiness, give with rice.

Actually the pulp of a coco is good for any suppression and not only meat, but also fish. It not just gives the smack, it still well absorbs fat and aromas of spices. Especially for this purpose coconut cubes approach: they and a dish decorate, and are chewed pleasantly, leaving rich aftertaste in a mouth. They can be chewed and crude as any nuts. It is possible to draw on them vodka. But for pastries nevertheless it is more convenient to use shaving.

Yes, nearly forgot. In Africa the cut coco is used for salads. Here, for example, salad Moroccan: six bananas and three cucumbers cut on small cubes, add a half-glass svezhenarezanny (it still juicy) pulp of a coco, a half-glass of sour cream, salt to taste and give on lettuce leaves. In my opinion, the original thought leaving a scope for the imagination.]