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How it is correct to register the website in search engines?

Well, here at last you created the own website and placed it on the Internet. You should not believe that at the same time you executed the main part of work. To attract on it target audience, it is worth working much, to correctly register the website in search engines, to give good advertizing, to exchange references with the websites, similar on subject, that is to untwist your resource.

We will dwell upon registration process as it is one of the most important points in advance of the website.

Google, Mail, Rambler, Yandex and Aport belong to the main search engines having the Russian-speaking interface. From foreign MSN and Punto are most significant Yahoo. These eight systems will be more than enough. Sometimes there are enough even five: Google, Yandex, Rambler, Mail and Yahoo. Having registered at them, you can be sure that your website will not remain unnoticed.

But how it is correct to register the website that any user could find it among all variety the Internet - resources? It would be desirable also that your website at a set of keywords always jumped out on the first pages, always remained on a step ahead of the competitors.

In - the first, think of that, your pages are how successfully entitled, try to call them differently, sometimes it is important for display of the separate page on pages of search. Choose such name that it directly displayed contents of your website and allowed users to find with ease it in a network.

In - the second, for the best recognition search spiders keywords, that is the most often repeating words transferring site content are important. Try to use whenever possible those words which with ease will allow to find the website on the Internet.

In - the third before beginning registration, attentively study rules of that search engine with which you are going to begin to cooperate. If information uploaded to your website does not correspond to these rules, make necessary amendments and additions, by editing the existing pages. Most often as a hindrance for registration information of erotic, pornographic or obscene character can serve.

After you checked all pages and studied rules, you can start registration. Usually to you suggest to fill a biographical form and to send it to search service. When filling pay special attention to the description of the resource and heading. You enter exact and reliable data as at registration in certain systems the notice by e-mail of confirmation of your inquiry is often sent. Try to give the detailed and clear description which is most fully characterizing your resource.

After you fill all forms, send the questionnaire and wait for confirmation. Usually request is reviewed within two weeks and, as a rule, registration comes to the end successfully as it is carried out not by the person, and the robot in turn. Two weeks later check the website in searchers, for this purpose try to enter various words and combinations characterizing your personal corner in a network.

So, here references for registration in search engines.

of Google: google. com/addurl/? continue = / addurl

of Yandex: yandex. ru /

Rambler: rambler. ru/doc/add_site_form. shtml?

of Mail: mail. ru/add

Yahoo: search. yahoo. com/submit

Aport: aport. ru/rus/add/AddUrl. aspx

MSN: msn. com/docs/submit. aspx

Punto: ru/add

of Good luck!]