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What to do, if shivered or How to become almost the physiotherapist of

In a cold season, especially in the winter, no wonder to shiver. Usually strongly legs freeze, they as though turn into pieces of ice. Feeling not from pleasant.

Having come home, first of all it is necessary to warm legs quickly. The most reliable method restoring you to life and allowing not to ache - a foot bathtub with the increasing water temperature. Probably you will tell, the knowledge is big - to soar legs . But you should not sneer on the fact that it and so all know. Just it would be desirable to remind about idle time, but the procedure which not always is correctly carried out.

When you soar legs, you practically carry out the physiotherapeutic procedure based on action of temperature irritants. And they render moderate, but very effective influence on an organism.

On all procedure about 20 minutes leave: 15 - to be warmed and 5 more - to derive pleasure from heat. Fans of more drastic measures can add dry mustard to a basin - the warming effect will be more intensive.

But do not try on - fast to boil a foot in boiled water, except pain, you receive nothing.

The long and warm dressing gown, woolen socks, a deep basin in which it is necessary to pour water so that to ship a foot (and it is better than a leg to the middle of a shin), the water thermometer and of course hot water will be necessary for you for carrying out this simple action.

So we start the procedure which can be divided into three stages .

1 stage . For a start change clothes in a dressing gown, sit down, pour in a basin of warm water (from 32 to 36 C) and lower in it legs.

Sit, be glad to pleasant heat of minutes five, pass to the 2nd stage.

2nd stage . Begin to add gradually to a basin hot water so that each 2 minutes its temperature increased by 1 C. In 15 minutes you will come to temperature peak. The maximum temperature is chosen individually and can reach 39 - 43 C. At this time you will feel that you were warmed finally and irrevocably. Sit still a couple of minutes and finish procedure.

3rd stage . Having taken out legs from water, dry wipe them, put on woolen socks, make a mug of fragrant herbal tea with honey and a lemon and drink small drinks. And if to add one tea spoon of cognac to tea of everything, then it will prevent emergence of cold and will facilitate breath at already begun. Or warm up mix of orange and grape juice, add cinnamon on a tip of a knife and one feature of a carnation. Than not mulled wine?

But if to you laziness to potter with water and a basin, buy in a drugstore " in advance; The Warming leg cream badger fat, extract of red pepper and camphor is its part. Apply cream with the massing movements on feet and put on warm socks.

If were chilled very strongly and you have a desire to take a bath, then offer one more pleasant and warming procedure. This simple house procedure brings toxins out of an organism, tones up and rejuvenates body skin. It will be necessary for you: a massage brush (mitten), 2 tablespoons of sea salt, 4 - milk (or olive oil).

we Go to a bathroom.

What to do :

1 . Lymphatic drainage: mass a body a brush gently, but it is vigorous from area of heart to armpits and a groin.

2 . Mix sea salt (it is possible also usual) with milk, and better olive oil.

3 . Apply mix on a body, especially diligent rubbing it to the area of knees and elbows.

4 . When mix slightly dries up, take a heat bath.

5 . Blot a body with a towel, plentifully apply lotion or a milk for a body.

6 . Put on a warm dressing gown and socks, drink tea (or what will warm you finally).

And that it was not necessary to warm legs, try to keep them in the warm and in general put on on weather. Good luck! ]