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Caries - accident or regularity? As caries Reason at children the sugar use was considered to be

. However, according to scientists, caries is caused not by(with) sugar, and the bacterium which is transferred from mother to the child.

To draw similar conclusions of stomatologists roused researches of the American microbiologist Paige Kofild. It took from children and their mothers of test of saliva for five years and compared DNA of the microbes which are available in saliva. Kofild found out that the child`s mother is a source of microbes. It turned out that honor at each of us in a mouth there lives the own strain of a streptococcus changeable, and only mother and the child, as a rule, have an identical strain. From 34 children 24 had the same strain, as their mothers, and 10 had strains of an unknown origin (by the way, many of these ten were raised artificially). Probably, the microbes received at infantile age remain in a mouth for the rest of life.

Comparison of microflora of a mouth at spouses showed that their microbes are various. From 300 married couples strains of tooth microbes coincided only at one couple.

So, caries is an infection which is caused mainly by bacteria - the streptococci getting from mother`s mouth into the child`s mouth.

What is interesting, only those streptococci which live in mother`s mouth are dangerous to the child, and here streptococci of the father or other people are harmless.

Not so long ago also sensational messages that raisin, cookies and white loaf threaten with caries even more, than, for example, milk chocolate or caramel appeared.

the safest products for teeth are apples, creamy ice cream, bananas and, strangely enough it can seem, bars from milk chocolate. The similar opinion is confirmed also by researches of the Australian scientists considering that sweets which contain a lot of vanillin and also high-quality chocolate can slow down development of caries. And if to wash down a dessert with strong tea, then the risk will become even less.

And about one delusion. The firms selling a chewing gum and toothpaste already practically convinced us that the most terrible enemy of our teeth is caries and to be protected from it enemy it is necessary to brush teeth correct paste and to chew correct chewing gum.

Actually all is a little not so. Caries though the most widespread, but not the most dangerous disease of an oral cavity. There are also other troubles which trap our teeth, and first of all - 5 main groups of diseases of a parodont: gingivit, a periodontal disease, periodontosis, tumoral defeats.

And for the rest the great marchioness everything is good all ho - ro - sho .]