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Lyaplyandiya: why typographical errors are useful?

Author: Alexander Etoyev (20/04/07)

of Lyaplyandiya is such country, like Finland. Only in it there live not Finns, and mistakes. Mistakes, unlike Finns, not people though they are born generally from people. However, without the aid of genital bodies. Mistakes are words; singular form - a mistake. A mistake - the word Russian. Derivative of it - to lyapat, botch, walk smack. There are also others, but these three to us will be quite enough.

At once the monumental figure of the poet Lyapis - Trubetskoy from the novel " occurs; Twelve chairs author well-known Gavriliada (not to confuse to Pushkin). But the first component of his name though is conformable with the root " mentioned above; mistake but actually comes from the Latin word lyapis that the nitrate silver used in medicine at cauterizations means. Though can quite be that the Latin word lyapis originates from the Russian word mistake by domestic science it is proved that ancient Romans, and to them - ancient Greeks not who others as our Old Russian ancestors. Akhill, for example, is Ilya Muromts`s relative because to it is sickly - single-root sickly and and - the international negative prefix so together they mean, on the contrary, - force.

Mistakes happen different, some die, having hardly been born, and their life is short and brilliant as the falling star. Such stars usually villains - editors kill. Though, a hand on heart of a polozh (I belong to their tribe too), heart often is covered with blood when you decide on this cruel operation. Judge how not easy to sentence such, for example, phrase to death:

It lifted the end of the artifact which is wrapped up by metal.

Or such:

At you are for certain dealt more difficult what in skillful hands of your assistant will stop being those.

At once the character of the story of Vyacheslav Rybakov " is remembered; It is difficult to become God earning additionally alteration of word-per-word translations. You remember its battle with the mysterious phrase from a word for word translation from Korean: The Grass waving downwind behind a hillock, one grass is a grass entirely, and the grass entirely is a one grass ?

And various krasnokryshy towns kruglodnevny vymokaniye thick-stemmed pines ebonitovokozhy cavalrymen and other freshly brewed " vermicelli; - this good in translations very much.

It is clear, that time is guilty. It at us is always guilty. In 1929 O. E. Mandelstam wrote concerning the translations:

In publishing house... the whole mass of the pseudo-translators, illiterate laymans known to nobody ready for all conditions rushed...

I still:

The half-starved, prishiblenny translator semiliterately muddles the original, and then " editor; pores over its cooking and gives it in few - malsk a human look, of course, without looking in the original, at best being conformed with grammar and common sense. I claim that so we have hundreds of books, almost everything; it is called... translation from English under edition it is that . However, the name of the editor most often falls. by

Ya it is sure that under these words any editor working with the custom translations will subscribe. Still (I quote the same O. Mandelstam) literary production is considered as dog meat which all the same will leave " sausage;.

The most interesting, is, of course, the mistakes which stood under blows thick-stemmed editorial artillery and got on pages of printing editions.

A few years ago one Moscow magazine published Robert Heinlein`s story Year when the " bank was broken; in V. Kowalewski`s translation. Here the phrase from this translation:

The penis of this couple wore a women`s pleated skirt.

it is sexual, isn`t that so?

The remarkable examples followed from various editions are provided by Lidiya Chukovskaya in the book In laboratory of the " editor; (M.: Art, 1963). Here samples from its collection: The Motherland - model of a statue of the main monument of a monument in commemoration... etc. (" magazine; Youth ) . About extermination of flies in places of their rasplazhivaniye (a printing label on the folder). You did not allow me to yourself as our semi-desert did not allow " water yesterday; (F. Panferov).

Compare, please, the following fragments:

Owing to the fact that all letters which reached us belong to one rather small part of this period - in this regard correspondence not quite fills the formed gap.

Display of capture by Pushkin by the fisherman of the goldfish promising on condition of her holiday in the sea the considerable payoff which is not used in the beginning by the old man is important. Also reaction of the old woman to the message of the old man by it about non-use of a payoff of a small fish by it, the use by the old woman of a number of the vulgarisms sent to the address of the old man and which forced it to a repeated meeting with the small fish devoted to a question of an old trough is not less important.

In the second picture of the play - expression by the little queen of desire to receive snowdrops in January. In the third picture - departure by the stepmother and her daughter of the stepdaughter for the sake of a rich award in winter night in the wood.

was Compared? And now tell what of the given fragments is written by the professional - the literary critic and what - Z. Paperny`s parody to literary articles?

Many examples of printing mistakes are given in Oleg Riesz`s book At the word being on guard duty (M.: Book, 1989).

Our People live better and better, and, naturally, demand for mineral water grows
- once it was printed in To the Truth .

Or such phrase taken from other newspaper: Current on wires slowly spread to the city .

And here an axiom from Nadson`s poem Dream of the queen . The heroine addresses the great page with words: About you know with what pleasure I to one would prefer all of them to you . Instead of to all of them and you as it is required on sense.

And in Turgenev`s story Death in the wood violets and lilies of the valley at the same time blossom, the wild strawberry keeps up and milk mushrooms appear.

And Fedor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky not without sin. In Teenager in the second part, a name of the heroine Darya Onisimovna, and in the third part she is already Nastasia Egorovna. And in the story Weak heart Vasya, addressing Arkashe, names Arkasha by Vasya.

The special pleasure for the collector is represented by typographical typographical errors. Carel Capek noticed in due time that typographical errors are useful that they amuse the reader .

I will give the history which thundered for the whole world when in a certain Leningrad newspaper under the photo representing the victims of the American aggressors in Vietnam by mistake placed such signature as an example number one: Well guys with " worked; Electric powers !

This case strongly looks like a political joke though many the head swear that saw the photo with this signature with own eyes. Personally I trust in a similar typographical error. Oleg Riesz in the book tells about how removed and sent to a penal battalion of the manager of edition Stars for a typographical error in V. Vishnevsky`s article devoted to break of the Leningrad blockade. In the magazine it was printed: The Blow struck with Germans near Leningrad (instead of to Germans ) . Or to take his story how in the " newspaper; Forest truth in number devoted to elections to the Supreme Council on the front page in article of the secretary of Communist Party committee instead of the words nice cohort printed nice penal servitude .

About typographical errors it is possible to tell very long. The history of literature knows a set of cases of remarkable typographical mistakes. In Bell Herzen and Ogarev, printed in the London printing house, instead of also God transmitted to it the spirit it was printed: also the God perdukh " gave it; (at once the well-known phrase " is remembered; father of reorganization M. Gorbachev, told them at Mark Zakharov`s performance: Spirit Feast! ). And in the first edition of compositions of Shakespeare of 1623 researchers counted nearly twenty thousand typographical mistakes why still original text of the great playwright causes the mass of riddles.]