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What color there is a tea?

Tea Habitual drink in the cold long winter evenings or in slowly lasting working hours. It is useful in reasonable doses and is harmful in big. It is that drink which is drunk worldwide. About its smell it is possible to compose legends, about taste it is possible to talk for hours, and about color we will talk now.

Before speaking about color, we will plunge a little into history then we will continue our conversation with a mug of fragrant tea. In Russian the word " tea; it is used from the middle of the 17th century, and at the beginning as the name of a herb.

Most of people got used to see in the " circle; " water; brown or yellow shades. These two gradation correspond to black and green teas which, in turn, are a combination of blades, leaves yes of sticks. And this - that a combination can also influence color of drink. The tea prepared from house herbs will be light tones as there are not enough tannins. Whereas if to throw there more leaves brought from tea plantations, then color exchanges with light on blackish, is dark - brown.

But the nature did not stint and granted to the person an opportunity to enjoy not only these two shades of fine.

Perhaps, someone from you, dear readers, paid attention to red, claret color of your tea drink? This color the green grass gives a hibiscus. Its almost only shortcoming consists that it has a pronounced laxative action. For this reason teas which part the hibiscus is need to be drunk extremely carefully. And definitely then not to go to a way anywhere.

White, one of the most widespread flowers is at the same time and the most expensive Everything is made in in two places: in the Chinese province of Fujian and in mountains of the island of Sri - Lanka, at the height of 1000 - 2200 meters. There are two kinds of an elixir of immortality: Pai Mu Tang (Pai Mu Tan) called also white peony and Yin Ren (Yin Zhen) which is called silver needles it is one of the most expensive grades of tea in the world.

At the price only those types of teas are comparable to silver needles, perhaps, that till the 20th century was forbidden to be taken out on pain of death from China - yellow teas. Besides soft taste and distinguished aroma, the drinking this surprising drink has an opportunity to admire game of tea kidneys, those that go for production of this drink.

There are a lot more various shades and types of this fine drink: red tea, jasmine and is a lot of others. But all of them are united by one: color.

As you think whether there is such color of this surprising drink about which it is possible to tell: nothing to myself, for the first time I see? Undoubtedly, those who will tell that he is will be right, is still.

In due time the author visited the fantastic country of Siam. And in the only place found tea which color struck it up to the soul depth. It was tea, colors of the clear summer sky which can be seen lying in a fragrant grass, in the distance from large city megalopolises.

As the flower prevailing in this tea drink, me is called, unfortunately, and it was not succeeded to learn. The cause is the huge language barrier which, nevertheless, did not prevent to bring packing of this tea home. Unfortunately, at us I did not meet similar therefore tea is spent extremely carefully.

Meanwhile tea is put aside, the easy smoke rises over a mug, and the person in the affairs, cares and the usual commotion of life again. And only occasionally he will look at color of drink before it and will marvel to that variety of flowers - and you black, light-green, red and even blue which he can accept is found, infused on herbs.]