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How to find the spirits?

Spirits the nature are intended to be the secret ambassador of a female charm. They influence the simplest and at the same time most atrophied external feeling of the civilized person. They envelop, stupefy, submit, their action involuntarily.

To fascinate people around, the fragrance which you extend around yourself has to work gently and thinly, to belong only to you one and it is favorable to distinguish you from other women.

To find the spirits, are necessary time and the exact analysis of the identity. Return several times to perfumery shop if it is necessary, more and more time taste the spirits which were pleasant to you before buying them.

Wonder who you are such? Business woman? Mother of family? Young girl? Actress? And maybe, sportswoman? What parties of the personality you would like to allocate? Elegance, mind, feminity, refinement, intelligence or tenderness?. What spirits are pleasant to you? The spirits reproducing a smell of flowers or fruits? Exotic, spicy spirits, or with a gentle, sweet smell?

Never choose spirits only because you liked a fragrance which was extended around herself by the girlfriend who perfumed with them. Having connected to a smell of your body, these spirits will smell absolutely in a different way, and you will not have desirable effect.

At the choice never inhale a smell of perfume, concluded in a bottle. Apply them on your skin. The chemical composition of skin at different people is not identical and therefore several women who perfumed with the same spirits will smell sweet differently. Reaction of your skin with spirits is the main criterion which has to direct your choice.

Good expensive spirits represent balanced composition, a work of art to which the perfumer devoted several years of the life. You will destroy this balance if you are smothered at the same time by different spirits and aromatic essences. Many women who are thoughtlessly using, for example, fragrant oil for bathtubs with one aroma, soap on the basis of other spirits, powder with a fragrance on the basis of the third of

to avoid such cacophony of aromas do wrong, apply fragrant atmosphere that is specially picked up sets of the aromatic means prepared on the basis of the same spirits and creating thus the harmonous symphony. The aromas exhaled by your body will emphasize and will strengthen a smell of the spirits used by you.

It is important to create necessary conditions for storage of your favourite aromas. Protect spirits from impact on them of three main enemies: air, light and heat. Air promotes oxidation of spirits. Therefore, having perfumed, densely close a bottle a stopper. It is the best of all to use a tight spray of small capacity. To protect spirits from influence of light, it is recommended to keep them in a special box or a casket which needs to be put in a dark case. Direct rays of light and heat decompose spirits in several hours. It is impossible to add to spirits water and alcohol at all. The started bottle of perfume is stored no more than a year in order to avoid their damage. Therefore it is better to buy perfume in small bottles.

And, the main thing, always listen to the feelings. Your body will prompt you the best way to emphasize the beauty and a charm. If suddenly you feel that aroma of favourite spirits seems to you not such today pleasant as earlier - at all do not force yourself, are not smothered by them. Otherwise you will spoil to yourself all day, testing let small, but discomfort. But also you do not hurry to get rid of the spirits which lost the magic force if only it not a consequence of their wrong storage. The chemical composition of skin can be changed almost imperceptibly from - for influences of various external and internal factors, for example, of food or certain physiological changes in an organism. Perhaps, in several days you will feel change and will return to the former spirits the status of darlings.

Trust the body, love yourself, smell sweet and give the charm to people around!