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Whether stones can treat?

are known medicinal properties of precious and semiprecious stones From time immemorial. People sacredly trusted in the miracle, magic force of stones and therefore they widely used them for preparation of curative medicines. In ancient medicine the natural stone of various mineral structure was added to many drugs. From stones prepared ointments, drew water on them, put them on a sore point.

Later there was a science about treatment by precious and semiprecious stones - a gemmaterapiya (from the Latin word " gem; - jewel). The numerous researches conducted already presently proved that stones really make medical impact on a human body.

That the stone did not lose the medicinal properties, it is necessary to handle it correctly. It is not necessary to store them in dark places - in cases, on shelves. The stone has to be always at you in the public eye. From time to time it is necessary to wash out stones under flowing water.

How to be treated by stones? It is possible to put them to a sore point. It is possible to put a stone in a glass with water and to drink on an empty stomach in the morning. Stones, besides jewelry, well work in the form of plates, spheres from stones, disks, massage sticks.

What stones are applied to treatment of various diseases?

Turquoise is a universal healer. But it is especially useful to a liver to eyes (turquoise contemplation improves sight in the mornings), hearts, lungs, a thyroid gland. Turquoise treats catarrhal diseases, quinsy, flu, sleeplessness, arthrosis, rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, inflammations of skin and nervously - mental diseases. Turquoise serves as the health indicator: if wearing ornament from turquoise notices that it darkened, is a sure sign of the beginning illness.

Pomegranate clears and tones up systems of digestion, breath, blood circulation, immune system, calms nervous system. The stone helps at high temperature, an inflammation of a throat and long headaches.

The pearls in the form of powder are used for clarification of a stomach and at intestines inflammations. It can be applied at treatment of hepatitis and in the presence of stones in a gall bladder. In the Middle Ages to the children suffering from an anemia allowed to drink milk with pounded pearls. At diseases of a liver drank solution in which the pearls cooked.

The emerald treats heart, kidneys, lungs, a liver, nervous system, increases working capacity. At diseases of eyes, violations of sight and if eyes very much were tired, for 15 minutes to put two stones on eyelids. It is possible to impose on eyes compresses with emerald water and to regularly drink water, infused on an emerald.

Diamond protects from stomach diseases, helps at nervous and mental diseases (schizophrenia, depressions), eliminates sleeplessness. It is used as heart tonic. For this purpose it needs to be placed for the night in a glass of water, and next day to drink all this water in stages.

Alexandrite regulates blood formation, purifies blood and strengthens blood vessels. The ring with this stone before going to bed should be removed. Ability of alexandrite to normalize activity of blood system belongs to medicinal properties.

Amethyst strengthens immune and endocrine systems, well treats nervous diseases, removes stresses. Purifies blood, cures diseases of kidneys and a bladder, a liver and a gall bladder. Treats the sleeplessness and a headache resulting from an excessive nervous tension. For this purpose amethyst is put on area of the third eye.

The heliotrope is good medicine from diseases of a liver, a spleen and anemia. Treats heart diseases. It is often used in a combination with red stones. At violations of sight and colds the heliotrope helps if it is put on area of the third eye.

Rock crystal strengthens memory, improves the speech and thought processes, promotes obtaining secret information. Carrying this stone on a wrist regulates blood current, does not allow to be formed to blood clots. Crystal on a neck or on a forefinger of the left hand of the sleeping person relieves of nightmares.

Wearable in a ring on a ring finger, relieves of a chill and danger to freeze, wearable under linen on the right side of a stomach, improves work of a gall bladder.

Pomegranate clears and tones up systems of digestion, breath, the lymph - and blood circulations, immune system, calms nervous system. The stone helps at high temperature, an inflammation of a throat and long headaches

Malachite is one of the stones which are restoring balance of forces and slowing down physiological aging.

Nephrite possesses a high thermal capacity. Therefore the piece of a stone attached to area of a stomach or about kidneys works as the soft hot-water bottle satisfying pain. Nephrite possesses ability to smooth a face therefore cosmetologists of antiquity after massage put jade plaques on a face of beauties.

Topaz - the stone exempting from passions violent and dangerous he gives rise in the person to feeling of serene pleasure life, drives anger and hatred. It accelerates regeneration of fabrics, well treats digestive organs, a liver, a gall bladder, a spleen. Helps at nervous and power exhaustion. Removes stresses.

Amber, especially medical white, was very much appreciated by ancient physicians. Was considered that there are practically no such diseases from which this semi-precious stone would not bring healing. It treats short-sightedness and a cataract, cardiac illnesses and quinsy, stops vomiting and a blood spitting, expels stones from kidneys and a liver and promotes an urination. By means of amber it is possible to find poison allegedly: in a glass there is an iridescent blinking of sparks accompanied with a crash. If the pregnant woman constantly carries amber, then will safely keep a fruit, successful easy childbirth is guaranteed to her. Still Claudius Galen, the famous Roman doctor and the scientist, and Abu Ali ibn Xing wrote about value of amber in the medical purposes (Avicenna).

A jasper - the only stone removing all negative energy potential which is saved already up by an organism. Hippocrates treated a jasper fever and epilepsy. The stone protects from an evil eye and from the forces of evil, protects from infertility, gives courage and confidence in a victory. As a mascot the jasper promises wealth and health, gives eloquence, improves memory.

Protect the health and you remember that any treatment demands consultations with experts.]