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Whether receive letters from a next world?

the Automatic letter - quite real phenomenon, long ago known to many people though it also does not admit official science.

The first mentions of the automatic letter, appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. So, for example, the case which was described by the English doctor parapsychologist F. Wood is well-known. To it the woman who within a year wrote down strange messages in language unfamiliar to it came to reception. The doctor made a number of experiments and was convinced that the woman not a sharlatanka. It became clear that she really received messages and wrote down them in a condition of a trance. Language of these messages appeared... Ancient Egyptian.

In 1872 certain Mr. James from Brettlboro (the state Viskont, the USA) began to receive in the way of the automatic letter of the message... from already died famous English writer Charles Dickens. Till June 1873 Mr. James wrote down fragments of texts. It turned out that it is missing chapters of the novel of Dickens Edwin Drud`s secrets .

From other worlds can transmit through the automatic letter of essence not only literary works. So, for example, the surprising case happened in 1973. Three months later after death of the artist Pablo Picasso Englishman Mathew Manning found out that he ngo directs painting classes... late artist. Manning did not fall into a trance. It worked on pictures quickly and carefully - and without sketches and any corrections.

However the most known work received by the automatic letter are a novel of the English writer Elisabeth Barker which is called Letters live deceased . In 1914 Barker received fifty messages by means of the autoletter from the acquaintance who passed into other world. In them the device of that world where people pass after death is in detail described. Romanus Barker exerted impact on outlook of the whole generation.

So, there are many facts confirming that the automatic letter - one of ways of communication with other worlds. The entities which were earlier living in this world come into contact with people spiritually close to them and transfer information in the form of texts, pictures and even pieces of music. And unless it is not fine - the nobility that your loved ones, having even passed into other world, can establish connection with you and communicate?

Listen maybe someone tries to talk to you from there...]