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Why it is useful to use foul language driving sometimes?

the subject of this article will be close to All who sometime got for work by the car in rush hour. Even the quietest and respectable citizens driving, sometimes, bend it that such phenomenon as a car - a mat long ago it would already be time for philologists to become interested. Sometimes there is such impression that a mat and the driver are inseparable.

In this regard many citizens, in particular owners of personal vehicles, often ask a question: What is a mat driving - banal rudeness or the compelled need?

There is this phenomenon is of interest not only to philologists and fans of Russian, but also to psychologists, moreover, it is even studied. Researches of experts in this area to us, motorists, of course, are rather interesting. Having read this article, you, dear readers, not only satisfy the curiosity, but also get several practical advice.

the Perm psychologists developed recommendations for the motorists having stresses driving. As the psychologist - the teacher Evgeny Koshevarov, practically all motorists   explains; daily test serious stress: from - for incorrect behavior of other drivers on the road, from - for traffic jams, holes on roads, etc.

a way of unloading, Habitual for many drivers, - cigarette driving - psychologists consider not only effectless, but also dangerous. In - the first, there is brain intoxication, blood vessels are narrowed, at preservation of a high blood pressure and frequent pulse. It can lead to a hypertension and formation of blood clots. In - the second, actually negative emotions pass into an autoaggression, i.e. the person can have an unconscious desire to do itself harm.

In a stress situation psychologists advise motorists several ways of unloading. In particular, advise drivers simply to exhaust: to shout, it is possible with use of obscene language, however, windows at the same time have to be closed - not to cause discomfort to other participants of traffic.

If near the driver there is no passenger, then it is possible to beat a chair a fist. In - the first, it helps to remove stress, in - the second, it can amuse even very angry person if that tries to look at himself from outside.

If there is a free minute, then it is possible to stop and meditate, listening to the frequency of the breath. To smokers who cannot do without cigarettes psychologists recommend to close eyes and to present that they inhale a tobacco smoke. It can quite replace a cigarette.

Generally, psychologists claim that to use substandard words and expressions it is quite admissible and in certain cases it is even useful if only you not you pursue the purpose to offend the person. Personally I, most often, and it is rather, almost always, I use a mat for strengthening of transfer of the emotional party of the message. And all - you should not forget also that the mat is unacceptable for many people. In this case is not necessary to take offense and it is necessary to try to constrain itself.

But whatever one may do, a mat driving or after communication with the GAI officer the measure compelled and is better to unburden the heart and to splash out all this in air, than to keep in itself. In only that case, of course, if there are nearby no children or people who do not transfer a mat.

Thus, the solution of questions of behavior and communication on roads is consolidated to uniform algorithm - everything depends on taste, the level of culture, education, at last. It would always be quite good to remember it and all.

Good luck to you on roads!