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How police officers of the different countries behave?


In all tourist regions of Egypt are offices of tourist police and whatever it happened, the tourist will not get to a usual site.

In case of collision with local citizens the Egyptian state always on the party of the foreigner. During the conflict with employees, at extortion of money (for example, for loss of a room key) it is possible to call safely police or to threaten these. Egyptians of the police very much are afraid.


Here too is tourist police, but the relation to a private property not such, as in Egypt.

- In case of failure to pay the police will side with the owner of hotel, shop or restaurant. Therefore even if you are sure of deception, it is necessary to demand the document - the signed check or the account, to pay, and then only to call police. If the owner is guilty, then he will return money, but nevertheless an operations procedure is as follows: at first to pay, then to threaten with police.

- In the Istanbul prison sit several Russians, but all - for transportation of drugs in especially large sizes. For violent alcoholism, fights and theft nobody sits. Nevertheless, there are incidents to thefts, false dollars, there is a hooliganism, but anyway it is always possible to pay off.

- In Turkey exist magistrates. If the tourist had an accident and nobody suffered to death, business goes to the magistrate, the parties agree amicably. And, to honor of Turks, agree always.


Here police officers are benevolent . It is possible to ask them any question. There is a tourist police which staff is even more benevolent and speak in English.

- But! It is impossible to be rude to the Thai police officers, similar behavior they do not forgive. To pay off very expensively.

- the Nudism in Thailand is forbidden. Topless in unnecessary time in the unnecessary place without the necessary sum of money can terminate in trial in a police station. Such cases are not single! - In Thailand, as well as in Turkey, in case of the conflict it is better for

to pay at first, and then to threaten with police. The police likes to drag out business, forces to sit for hours in a site, then and itself is not glad that communicated.

the Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates live the most law-abiding citizens in the world. Still some ten years ago the crime here was almost absent. But crowds of shuttles, pickpockets, prostitutes rushed, and the Russian crime fatally bothered local authorities (for Russians in the Emirates consider both the Georgian, and Lithuanians).

- Put everyone in local prisons - both the real bandits, and the gone on a spree poor fellows.

- In Sharjah the thief or the alcoholic (and the tourist!) can sentence to punishment in the form of 100 - 150 blows sticks. The convict under sentence of sharia court is beaten publicly in the special place, and then drag also in civil court where will award a penalty and imprisonment.

- In Dubai a situation is easier, do not subject foreigners to sharia court, but put in prison ruthlessly: in prison of Dubai constantly there are more than fifty Russians.

- Police officers of the Emirates keep watch in shape, but is more often - in plain clothes. Police officers are agents. There was a case when on Ramadan the tourist left the hotel with two bottles of gin in hands and wanted to pass only through the street into the next hotel. He was seized by the agent and received month of imprisonment.

- Pulled together a gold chain - half a year. For murder threat - seven years. Fine for an insult of the local woman and can put. For an insult can count photography, importunate prosecution, some worthless courting it is impossible to offer a hand, for example, and in the doorway to pass the woman forward.

- the Favourite method borbys crime in the Emirates - provocation. The police officer invites the prostitute in number - here to you from three to five without any witnesses. The agent in a disco suggests to nyukhnut cocaine, agreed - receive from two to five. Sellers of drugs are executed under the special order of the sheikh.

- If happened some trouble on the road, it is necessary just to wait five - seven minutes. In the cities patrol is constructed in such a way that police officers pass each point of times seven minutes.

Councils of security service

- during walks it is enough to to have with itself the safety document, a card of hotel and, it is desirable, a photocopy of the passport and the business business card. It is better to keep the passport in hotel and to take with itself, only if return of tax free is required. In case of loss of the passport it is necessary to make out the certificate on return what will require the police protocol, that is visit of police.

- In some non-European countries the police officer is not obliged to answer " questions; How to pass? and therefore will not answer.

- At conversation with the police officer it is better not to gesticulate, smile and to apply the unimpassioned and correct English speech to justifications.

Pleasant rest!