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Eggs - friends or enemies?

Here several entertaining facts about eggs which will allow to create the look about need of application of this product in food:

There are eggs is unhealthy as they promote increase in content of cholesterol in blood.
the Similar statement is incorrect. In an egg yolk really there is a lot of cholesterol, however after the use of eggs cholesterol level in blood practically does not increase. Fans of eggs can advise to eat fried eggs with one yolk (cholesterol exactly here) and several proteins. Besides egg white the excellent supplier of proteins in an organism, and is acquired much easier than meat.

of Egg badly are digested.
And it not absolutely so. A lot of things depend on degree of freshness of egg and a way of its preparation. The longer egg is exposed to heat treatment, the it will be worse to be digested. The eggs light-boiled are digested through 1 - 2

of hour, and in abrupt even whole three.

are harmful to
of Egg to a liver.
Similar quite widespread opinion is not true. The matter is that, besides vitamins, eggs contain various substances including also methionine - amino acids, useful to a liver, is well-cared. Besides, the yolk possesses unique property to cause reductions of a gall bladder, that is to stimulate outflow of bile in intestines that promotes digestion of fats. However it is worth making a reservation that it is extremely undesirable to fry eggs or to eat them with mayonnaise if you have problems with a liver.

A that who in a gall bladder already has stones, crude yolks and even less so is it is impossible as painful feelings not to avoid.

In a week of egg become stale
the Freshness of eggs in many respects depends on conditions of their storage. it is valid

Out of the refrigerator week, but if at once to put egg in the refrigerator down that 3 weeks of storage are provided with a nose.

And at last last statement:

From eggs get fat
Strangely enough though egg is very nutritious product, from it all - do not get fat. Moreover, eggs enter many medical diets which purpose is decrease in a diet of amount of protein. For similar diets of egg just a find.

So eat on health and grow thin.]