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What waits for you in foreign hotel or As to make service unostentatious?

the set of the leaflets which are permanently lying on a table in number of any foreign hotel is familiar to Each traveler. These are quotations on the services which are not included in a room rate. Washing, an ironing, room service (service in number)   concern to them; also pass - bar. The prices of all this set in the different countries different. But, as a rule, than it is more stars at hotel, subjects they are higher.

With services of the laundress everything is clear: you do not want to pay - erase itself and hang out the linen on what popadya - heating radiators - that is not present, instead of them conditioners. However, in some hotels in bathrooms there is a special rope which stretches over a bathroom. Usually she is in the hotels located in sea resorts or in hotels to the pool because it is actually intended not for pants and socks, and for bathing suits and swimming trunks.

Whether to hand over linen in washing, whether an ironing - business simple. It is enough to note crosses in the form of all that you wish to have washed (ironed), to open a case, to get from it a special package, and together with the form to put things there. And leaving for breakfast, to leave in a visible place. If you need urgent washing, then on the form it is necessary to make the corresponding mark. And to mean that it will be 50% more expensive. Not urgency assumes that things will bring to you in a day. However, it is very frequent and the things which are handed over in usual washing bring on the same day. And additional money for it is not taken.

To use pass - bar too simply. At first study the prices - can be, after that you will not want to open it at all. But even if you just want to climb out of curiosity there, as if pass - bar looked - electronic, with the lock (the key usually lies nearby), stuck with a piece of paper (so if you will open - at once it will be noticeable), it does not threaten you with any financial crash - for posmotr money is not taken. If you are able to move, then it is simpler to go down (to rise) to the bar. The same drinks, but are cheaper, will offer you there. And the choice in the bar is more. In pass - bar only " drinks are concentrated; prime necessity : gin, vodka, cognac, martini or kampar, beer, whisky, champagne, mineral water, juice, Coca and other consumer goods. Besides small portions. As snack to all drinks - couple of bags of nutlets.

Also exotic drinks which you will not find neither in the bar, nor in shops come across. For example, Elevator and Reanimator. You correctly guessed, really, it pokhmelitelny .

As for the juice standing in pass - bar, they, as a rule, not from the best, it is obligatory with preservatives. And nutlets not the freshest.

Pass - the bar can be used as the night refrigerator, having unloaded from it contents and having filled with the beer (juice). Night because if in the afternoon the maid finds out that some small bottles from it are taken out (even if they are accurately exposed in a row before bar), then everything temporarily withdrawn will write down. And then at an extract and the calculation accompanying it it will be useless to argue and prove that you not ponadkusyval . No return into account will be taken.

For the same reason it is impossible, having drunk a Coca Cola can since morning, to replace it in the evening just the same, brought from shop. It is considered that the hotel itself is able to fill up the spent stocks and does not need the services living. And it is valid, exactly those capacities which you devastated in a day, you the next morning, having returned after a breakfast, again you will find full.

Case, typical for the Russian tourists: the feast dragged on long after midnight, all vodka brought with itself is drunk, the bar, as well as restaurant, is already closed, and there is no wish to sleep yet. To undertake a role messenger the unfamiliar city which is afraid with a string-bag in night shop, it will want unless to the madman. There are two ways of an exit from this situation: to draw pass - bar or to order something in number. Here it must be kept in mind one circumstance: drinks in pass - bar are so expensive not only because are intended for lazy to descend to the bar, but also because are presented only in small packaging. Therefore though at the order in number it is necessary to reconcile to a margin for service, it is possible to buy a liter or half liter bottle and at the same time all - on a circle to save. But only on the whole bottle. If you order ten portions of whisky, then they will rise more expensively, than ten small bottles from pass - bar.

However, room - service not in all hotels round-the-clock, but, as a rule, in four - and the more so five-stars hotels it such is - in the afternoon everything is the majority prefers restaurants. But at night it is irreplaceable - it is possible to order snack in number slightly more essentially, than last year`s nutlets. Only do not forget to study previously the menu lying in number. The prices of all dishes considerably differ from the prices of similar foods at restaurant. Not to the best.

Use of the TV, naturally, free. The number of channels depends on the country and stardom of hotel. But anyway before turning on the TV, study the prospectus lying near it. Because, as a rule, besides free channels access and to a paid hotel cable television is opened for you. On which erotic movies are without fail broadcast. There are paid channels and to adventure tapes.

On the paid channel some free time (of a minute to three) is always given that the lodger solved whether he wants to watch the movie further and, respectively, to pay for it.

Systems happens two. The first, more humane, is as follows. Having turned on the paid channel, you the put time can watch it gratuitously. Then broadcasting is turned off. If you want to watch the offered movie, it is necessary to dial number specified in the prospectus by phone and to confirm the readiness to pay cinema not for all . At the second, less humane, there is no prevention. Stood gaping, did not manage to switch off in time - pay. And as the cost of a telenocha does not depend on whether it lasted five minutes or five hours, it is necessary to pay on a full tariff which averages 20 American dollars.

By the way if it is several paid channels, do not think that, switching them so that not to linger on one more than three minutes in a row, you will be able to enjoy the whole hour a sensuality for nothing. Probably, there is a lot of such clever men. Therefore the put dollars are entered in their account.

In numbers of some hotels there are still safes (as a rule, in five - and four-stars). The safe can be electronic, and can be mechanical: or with the coded lock, or locked. The paid safe or not, it is necessary to find out in reception. No general rule connected with category of hotel in this question exists. And even in different hotels of one system can be differently.

Practically in all hotels the safe is in reception. Besides - sometimes paid, sometimes not, at the discretion of management. It or the room like that in what store values in bank, then to the client is given a key and it is passed to this room, or the sealed-up box which to the client is taken out upon presentation of the receipt or a key from it. And if you store money in such box, then they are put in a special envelope on which you undersign.

Categorically it is not recommended to forget a code and to lose a key. If the safe has to be cracked, then for services hotel bear-hunter from you will not take anything, but can ask to pay the cost of the safe. Good luck all vacationer also be on the alert!