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The facts about the &ldquo One and all energy drinks

; power engineering specialists contain caffeine.

Effect of power tonic lasts throughout 3 - 4 hours unlike coffee which there is enough everything for a couple of hours.

All power tonics are divided into two categories: in one there is more caffeine, in others - vitamins and carbohydrates.

Coffee drinks suit inveterate workaholics and students who work or are engaged at night, and vitaminno - carbohydrate - to the active people preferring to spend free time in the gym.

Energy drinks contain rare vitamins of group of Century

Depression and drowsiness are caused by shortage in an organism of neuromediators - substances which transfer impulses from one nervous cage to another. The amino acids which are a part of energy drinks compensate for this deficiency.

It is better to drink energy drinks with guarany, than instant coffee as the guarana does not irritate mucous a stomach.

The vitamins which are contained in power tonics cannot replace a multivitamin complex. Energy drinks cannot drink

the children, pregnant women and people having diseases warmly - vascular system.

With alcohol do not mix power tonics better. Caffeine and &mdash alcohol; these are antipodes: the first invigorates, and the second weakens. Besides caffeine strengthens effect of alcohol on a brain.

In energy drinks there is a carnitine. It is the natural component of cells of the person promoting fast oxidation of fatty acids.

the Carnitine strengthens a metabolism and reduces fatigue of muscles.

In energy drinks there is a taurine. It is the amino acid accumulated in muscular tissue. Daily the person with food receives 200 - 300 mg of taurine. It is considered that it improves work of a cardiac muscle. However recently among physicians there were opinions that taurine does not exert any impact on a human body at all. And here to whom it is really useful, so it to cats: practically all canned food for fluffy pets contains taurine.

Guarana and the ginseng which is also found in these drinks, - the herbs possessing the toning properties. Alexander Vlasov, scientific consultant of the &ldquo company; Nutri - farm : The exciting properties attributed to guarani and a ginseng are not confirmed with researches. Perhaps, people trust in their force only from - for the exotic name.

Is in structure power engineering specialists substance with the mysterious name an inositol. However, as it became clear, an inositol - it is only one of kinds of alcohol. Producers of energy drinks claim that it forces a liver to process more effectively fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Minkail Gaparov: If to put rats into a diet with the insufficient maintenance of an inositol, they will receive fatter liver. However it does not mean at all that the additional inositol will well affect a liver and will add to you energy.

Do not exceed a daily dose of &ndash caffeine; these are about two jars of the average power engineering specialist.

Reception more than two cans in a row can do much harm to health: resources of an organism are already settled, and therefore instead of desirable effect you feel side effects.

Upon termination of action of the power engineering specialist rest is necessary for an organism for restoration of resources.

Do not use after sports activities - both that, and another increases pressure. Who knows what margin of safety of your blood circulatory system?

A lethal dose for the person - about 10 g of caffeine (150 jars of power tonic) of

Remember that, taking energy drinks, the person deceives own organism. They really invigorate, however it is artificial cheerfulness. But if you accept them, then do it at least competently.