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What interestingly Athenian subway?

For the four-million European city of the subway in Athens appeared rather late - in 2000. One of the reasons of it is incessant war of metrostroyevets with archaeological community which throws into the course from possible archaeological losses at a prorytiya of tunnels directly under the Acropolis and Pniks.

However, builders of the subway think of antique antiquities very much and before tuneleprokladchik let archeologists. And finds - leave here, placing under glass. Therefore the central stations are at the same time both the museum - here both a column, and an inlaid floor, and jugs

And the ancient city, with all its cultural stratifications, is open for passengers - a wall of station glass, and behind glass - a cut of an occupation layer - crocks, ruins, bones Most of all affects, of course, a skeleton 5 - 4 vv with AD, that is just the contemporary Socrates. It was found here, at construction of a tunnel.

In a tunnel wall, behind glass, it was also left. Also the ancient Athenian, some Ippolit or Protestilay, and even the slave with a loud nickname Agamemnon, in full view of millions of passengers - hurrying for work by the bored bones of natives or, on the contrary, briskly photographing tourists lies. Unusual posthumous destiny.

Is to the subway not only ancient museum pieces - walls of some stations are painted by local artists - impressionists, and at stations classical music quietly plays. Technically stations remind new stations of Moscow - Anino, Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard etc. The same bright lamps, light lobbies, spacious transitions etc. are not present

of turnstiles Habitual to us on an entrance to the subway - there are automatic machines for a composting of tickets and, in principle, there are conductors. And in the subway controllers - an exclusive rarity while the penalty for stowaway journey makes 60 euros.

tickets happen three types. One-euro the ticket allows to be in the subway an hour and a half after its composting - that is to enter, leave the subway etc. of

80 - tsentovy the ticket allows to make one trip - that is, having sat down at one station you have to reach to necessary to you and to leave. And here the ticket in the subway from the airport costs six euros.

Now in the Athenian subway three branches, on each of them approximately on fifteen stations. And - ten stations are under construction. It is very convenient as trains go both to the port and to the airport. Movement intervals - three - four minutes, even in rush hour on weekdays there is no crush though seats almost everything are taken. In each car - a board with the name of the following station, on Greek and English. Cars on each branch different.

Bums, beggars and other outcasts in the subway are not visible, everything is very pure and decent, nobody litters, even beer does not drink. The truth unusually that nobody reads - in Moscow nevertheless in the car every second - with the book, the magazine or a nakarmannik, and in Athens - is not present.]