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What it is more important for the manager - education or the personality? At other equal - the personality!

Of course, will hardly be for someone revelation if we tell that for the forecast of success of this or that manager, an important factor is not only and not just the education got by it, and qualities of the personality. Practice proves it almost continually. Other things being equal qualities of the identity of the manager beat education.

with What personal, to be exact individually - personal qualities (it is equal competences) has to possess the manager to orient our educational and educational practice on their acquisition.

the Outstanding modern Russian scientist will allocate to G. M. Tyul among personally - individual competences of the manager the following.

In - the first, is vital values . Without their existence to speak about compliance of the manager to modern trends not to have. Comparison of with a certain standard in all that concerns the business or out of working life, is strong incentive for the person executing administrative missions it is good to do the part. The manager has to appreciate the work, the organization, a profession, the people working under his supervision, partners, clients, the city and the country in which he works and lives etc.

In - the second, it is activity (energy). it is undoubted that the power which the manager has to radiate has to be on an essential order joules above than on average on " chamber;. Activity is not only good health and fast legs. It is living position, deep belief of the person that if, he God`s will takes such position in society, then essentially has to be one step away ahead of the planet of all . Both in feelings, and in thoughts, and in actions, and in acts.

B - the third, it about tressoustoychivost , influence on preservation and development of the health. With liver pain, with a weak heart, it is eternal feeling sick in big business or in policy precisely there is nothing to do. The good manager always has to have a fresh complexion. At excellent - blossoming in unlimited degree . But health is given us not only from the mother - the nature. Good health should study, as well as to all the rest. But without good health and the rest will be in poor shape.

B - the fourth, is independence . If mistreats the manager somehow, this is not the manager any more. The right for the own point of view, belief is habitat of existence of the manager. In the decisions, actions and acts it has to proceed from interests of business. It is clear, that without interests of the people surrounding the manager, no business will go. Even if if the idea which came to the manager to mind, thought is just magnificent. But the accounting of opinions, positions, interests of people around does not mean recognition of dependence of the manager at all. The major all the same he should make decisions being in a privacy with himself, with the thoughts and feelings.

B - the fifth, is aiming at result, good ambitions . Nobody needs the manager who can only plan and set the purposes, ignoring a final condition of everything conceived - result. The aiming at achievement of a goal is a crucial quality of any managers. Of course, intelligently, thinking strategically, not living in one afternoon, but it has to give to the country of " coal; but not to drive the " wind; in office rooms.

B - the sixth, is ability to self-development . Life is dialectic around. It is impossible to live long time old achievements. Once everything will surely turn over and from the person the fact that earlier, appear, never to be useful to him will be required. This thought is so important that it needs to be inspired in future manager beginning already from the cradle.

B - the seventh, is self-confidence . It is based not only on the gained successful experience of business fulfillments, but also in a deep belief of the manager in the professional and personal component. The confidence does not come at once and it should be brought up, inspired in the manager every day. If he considers that to cope will break - already one is an important basis for today`s iposleduyushchy fulfillments.

Eighthly, is a reflection personal . To look at itself as on object (subject) of management, it is not less important, than to pay attention to all the rest. It is important to manager to peer, peer, vnyukhivatsya in itself to operate the personality on abrupt turns, heavy rises and prompt descents it is also flexible, as well as the body.

B - the ninth, is ability (readiness) to operate itself . Funny, but it is very often possible to see that at the managers considering themselves on the present abrupt professionals, this quality remains not developed at all.

B - the tenth, is emotional culture . Emotions help the manager to live. Moreover, they not only paint his life in various colors, but also give important information on how there are its affairs, put its organizations and divisions. It is important only that emotions did not suppress intelligence of the manager, would not destroy his activity, did not break in vain the relation. In this sense, own emotions need to be able to be operated too to canalize their huge power to the necessary course.]