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Whether the good education helps the manager? It is worth reflecting

Among all complex of competences which the modern manager has to possess, first of all it is necessary to allocate those which are related to the education got by it. Proceeding from works as the outstanding Russian scientist G. M. Tyulya, from educational competences the following especially can be useful to the manager:

- Work with different sources of information . Really, information environment of the manager today (and in the future and it is terrible to present!) becomes very different and inconsistent. It can obtain information from the most various sources: from the administration, fellow workers, acquaintances, books, mass media, the Internet, even from own wife. How to reduce all variety of the received bits and kilobit of information to some one acceptable denominator which is not destroying future administrative action keeping mental health of the manager and not taking away it aside which is not provoking to go on a false way. Actually it is very serious problem requiring beautiful technological solutions in the answer to questions: where to look for information how and when to work with it in what proportions to receive as to estimate it, to separate grains from a ryegrass and to use.

- Possession not less than 1 - 2 foreign languages . Today this situation is indisputable. The Soviet generation of managers knowing only two languages - to Russian oral and Russian abusive, gradually leaves. They are succeeded by other generation of managers for whom good knowledge of a foreign language not an artifact, not a hobby, not rare accident, but the elementary professional requirement. Moreover, in promptly globalized world demanding from the person not only platitudes educational standards, for example, knowledge of English, it is necessary to look for the languages (or, some niches in one language) doing the identity of the manager unique who is badly reproduced unique. Perhaps, it will be knowledge of some Asian or African languages. Or, Martian. Or language of dolphins.

- Formation of educational activity . To Study, to learn and to study once again! . Not only Vladimir Ilyich paid the attention to it. The multiknowledge of mind does not add! - told still ancient. Educational activity has to accompany the person all life - from date of birth before date of death. But competently, effectively to study means for the manager to know the most effective educational technologies and to use them at the level of avtomatizm. To study for the modern manager every day, every minute is how to breathe. And it breath has to be postponed, collect and bring result.

- the Reflection intellectual. the Accent of application of forces of the manager is, of course, the outside world. In it he actively ego-trips, it overturns it inside out to achieve necessary result. But all the time to run, fly, hurry to that place where here - there have to be these or those events - it does not make any sense. Moreover, it is harmful both to health and to business. To turn back back, to realize, comprehend, rethink the events, again to return to the reasons and to reconsider the existing approaches is an important, normal, natural practice of the good manager. And it it should be learned too!

- Education and the general culture. the Person all day long devoting himself to the business dissolved in it of course can bring good result. But hardly it will be outstanding if before themselves, for themselves and around themselves such thin matters as erudition, an outlook, culture of thought and culture of behavior are alien to the manager. The general cultural background on which there is a manager, a reasonably useful thing at all. The culture constantly sends it some important impulses and if he listens attentively to them, is sensitive to the events in the different spheres of life which do not have to its work direct reference, it can give, maybe not at once, but impressive result. The culture helps Business.]