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Meaning of life of the manager and the education got by it? To realize itself!

Now this quite popular occupation. For future managers several tens are engaged in design of education if not hundreds and thousands of on-stage performance groups of scientists. Having shoveled a huge number of scientific works in the field of education methodology, the large expert in this question, the Russian scientist to G. M. Tyul paid attention to the following design stages of education of the manager.

Most important, she paid attention to justification of the supreme values of modern and future education. Hierarchically the supreme values and the meta purposes of education have to go back to the highest human aspirations and meanings. Such purpose for the manager, for example, can become - vital self-realization. The meaning of life of the person who decided to become the manager consists that to bring the greatest possible benefit to itself, to the relatives, society in which he lives. And even, you never can tell, human civilization in general. Main, of course, is a thought that the good education is necessary for the manager (and not only), and for him, for own self-realization.

U us, alas, it is accepted to think that education is necessary for someone to another, only not the pupil. For example, to his future employers, parents, or, to teachers for own self-affirmation or vanity. Of course, when receiving dityaty the higher education and they remain at what . And they need it, it is necessary! But to live that with this education, to build life, to make the way, to be pushed with elbows sharply to compete for a place in the sun nevertheless not him, and to his recipients. Whether this truth needs the additional argument? It is unlikely.

In - the second, G. M. Tyulya allocated in design of education for managers, and, first of all, in the content of formation of t. N nadpredmetny to the obrazovatelena of area. Otherwise, what is called competences now.

Competence , in treatment to G. M. Tyul, is considered as system of basic characteristics, defining professional success and which can be described in terms of behavior, i.e. any competence has to be essentially technological and diagnosed .

Ideology of formation of competences has to is under construction from the consumer of administrative education and from the personality it getting. Such work is now conducted at many departments and in scientific laboratories of the world. Originally this work, as a rule contacted a problem of an assessment of quality of training of managers. And her colleagues allocated to G. M. Tyul the following areas of key competences of the manager: educational, it is personal - individual, special, socially - leader.

Educational competences:

- Work with different sources of information

- Possession not less than 1 - 2 foreign languages

- Mental abilities and an intellectual personal freedom. Too nobody will argue with it. The acceptable erudition, an outlook,

- Formation of educational activity

- the Reflection intellectual

- Education and the general culture

it is personal - individual: - Vital values

- Activity (energy) of

- Resistance to stress, influence on preservation and development of the health

- Independence

- Aiming at result (good ambitions) of

- Ability to self-development

- Self-confidence

- the Reflection personal

- Ability (readiness) to operate itself

- Emotional culture

Socially - leader:

- Commitment, will, a professional orientation

- Work in the

team - Dialogue nature of interaction

- Influence on other

- Social responsibility

- Ability to act publicly

- Vision of the new purposes and ideas

- the Reflection (valuable and communicative)

Special (key competences of area of professional knowledge and abilities): - Understanding of business, ways of the analysis and an assessment

- Knowledge of objects of management

- the Management

functions - Enterprise

- Innovativeness

- Systemacity of thinking

- Each of areas includes a set of competences.]